10 Things To Do When Your Wallet Is Stolen


You reach into your pocket or purse, but your wallet isn’t where it belongs. With a sinking feeling, you realize that your wallet is lost, and likely stolen. What do you do now?

Avoid the urge to panic and think of where it may have been taken or lost – but don’t search too long before you begin to take action. If your wallet really has been stolen, the thief is probably headed to the nearest ATM to tap your account or going online to rack up charges on your credit cards. Take a deep breath, and then follow these ten steps to limit the damage.

1. Contact All Your Card Issuers – For each bank account you have, contact your bank immediately to let them know of the stolen ATM card. They will issue you a new card and cancel the old account. You must act quickly to be able to limit fraudulent charges and dispute any that occur.

Similarly, contact all of your credit card issuers to cancel the accounts and get new cards issued. Your liability …

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