4 Of 9 Credit Card Applications Submitted On Mobile Device


You probably receive plenty of credit card offers, through both direct mail and digital methods like card issuer e-mails and social media ads. Which path is more effective? If you aren’t receptive to a new credit card offer, neither path works – but for consumers who are interested in a new card, digital methods are preferred.

The new Credit Card Response Rate Report from Mintel Comperemedia collected input from 3,000 consumers and found a significant trend toward digital credit card submissions. Credit card marketing offers are almost equally split between digital and non-digital methods, but nearly three-quarters (73%) of completed applications are received digitally. The remaining 27% are divided among in-person applications (11%), non-mobile phone applications (8%), and replies by mail (8%).

The convenience of mobile devices may also be aiding this trend. According to the Mintel report, 4 in 9 (44%) of all credit applications are completed using smartphones o…

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