40 Best Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas (on Every Budget)

On a typical Father’s Day, you probably celebrate all the dads in your life with a Father’s Day brunch at his favorite restaurant, a matinee at the movie theater, or even tickets to his favorite sporting event. But this year, the COVID-19 pandemic is putting a crimp in those plans.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t show him how much you care. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to safely celebrate the dads and grandpas in your life — regardless of your budget.

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Whether you’re hunkered down at home with Dad or celebrating Father’s Day apart, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to show you care — from helping out around the house to virtual get-togethers, backyard parties, and even handy tools.

1. A Chore Takeover

Every parent appreciates a day off, so it’s likely top of Dad’s list. Best of all, giving him one is free. If you’re a spouse looking for the perfect gift for your kids’ dad, keep them entertained while letting Dad spend the day however he likes, whether that’s sleeping in, binge-watching his favorite shows, playing video games, or lounging in a hammock in the backyard. Better yet, give Dad a break from his usual chore list — whether that’s washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, or walking the dog. Have the kids take these on so Dad can kick back and relax.

2. A Car Cleaning

Chauffeuring the kids around takes a toll on Dad’s car. So have the kids show their appreciation by cleaning it up for Father’s Day. Grab a bucket, soap, and sponge and give the car a good washing. And don’t forget about the interior: Throw away any trash, vacuum the rugs and upholstery, and use vacuum attachments to get into all the crevices. Then wipe down the doors and dashboard and use a glass cleaner to clear up all the windows. It doesn’t cost anything but a little time and effort, provided you already have a few cleaning supplies.

3. An Outdoor Day

Father’s Day is often celebrated with a cookout because it falls in the height of summer — which makes it a perfect time to get outside. Although it’s not safe right now to invite the whole extended family over, if you’re sheltering in place together, go ahead and fire up the backyard grill. (Just make sure Dad doesn’t have to do the cooking.)

And this isn’t the only way to enjoy the outdoors. Take full advantage of your backyard to engage in a favorite activity like kicking around a soccer ball or shooting some hoops. Or play a few giant-size backyard games, which are some of the many Father’s Day gifts kids can make.

If Dad enjoys camping, pitch a tent in the backyard, roast some s’mores, and have some fun telling scary ghost stories or trying to identify constellations.

4. A Movie Party

If your dad enjoys going to the movies, the 2020 summer movie season is likely to be a bummer. Movie theaters are closed in many areas of the United States, and production companies have pushed back the release dates of several blockbusters — meaning they won’t be coming to the small screen either.

But there are still ways to replicate that movie theater feel. Create your own outdoor theater by hanging a sheet in the backyard and using a projector. For tips on how to hang a sheet to use as a movie screen, visit SheKnows.

If you don’t have a projector, keep this activity budget-friendly by borrowing one from a friend. Alternatively, try an inexpensive smartphone-compatible cardboard projector. Or if you can swing going slightly over budget, you can hook a pocket projector up to either your phone or laptop. Just remember that the higher the lumens (measurement of visible light) of the projector and the darker the evening, the better your picture will be.

Additionally, for the best sound, grab a set of speakers from around the house. For sound and lighting tips, visit Stuffed Suitcase. And to give the experience that real movie theater feel, be sure to serve popcorn and candy.

If you don’t live together and it’s the social aspect of the movies Dad’s missing, set up a time to watch one of his favorites in tandem. Netflix Party, an app Netflix subscribers can use for free, lets you stream a movie in sync — no matter how far apart you are. While you watch, you can group chat your reactions and comments. Plus, since it costs nothing to use, you can spend your budget on customizing the experience with a care package complete with movie theater-style popcorn and candy and pretend tickets you make and mail ahead of time, like those on Dabbles and Babbles.

5. A Family Game Night

The best gifts of all are those of time. A family game night is a chance to bond as a family while having a blast together. And even if you don’t live with Dad, it’s doable during a pandemic thanks to video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet. During the pandemic, Google is offering its premium features for free, meaning there’s no time limit on your virtual gaming.

Add in a family-friendly multiplayer online game or a board or card game that doesn’t require you to draw from the same deck, and you have the makings of a fun night with Dad. Note that while it’s possible to play online games without video conferencing, adding in the face time makes it more special. A few free or low-cost games you can play virtually include:

  • Cards. Play virtually any game of cards with the Playing Cards website. It lets you create a “room” where you can invite friends to play any card game that uses a standard 52-card deck, such as go fish, crazy eights, or euchre. All movements are synchronized, so if you also video chat, it’s just like playing in person. Recommended age varies by game, but kids as young as 4 can master go fish.
  • Uno. The Uno app makes it possible to play this family-favorite game even if you and Dad or Grandpa are far apart. All the same rules apply, but you pick and draw cards via the app instead of a physical deck. Recommended for ages 7 and up (but playable by any child capable of grasping numbers and matching).
  • Pictionary or Charades. To play Pictionary, choose teams and decide who’s going first. That team picks someone to draw. Then have the drawer use an online word generator to randomly give them something to draw in one minute or less. The drawer aims their computer camera toward whatever they’re using as a drawing pad, and their team races the clock to guess the picture. If no one gets it, the opposing team gets a chance to guess before their team’s drawer takes a turn. The team with the most correct guesses wins. The word generator also works for Charades, but instead of drawing the picture, a player tries to act it out. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Monopoly. The classic game Monopoly also comes in an online version, meaning you can gather for hours to roll the dice, buy property, and try to stay out of jail, the same as with a physical game board. This version only allows four players, though, so you won’t be able to play with a large group. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Boggle. The word game Boggle is easy to play virtually — no online version required. Plus, only one player needs to own a game board. The game owner just needs to display the board or take a picture for everyone to see. Then have fun making as many words as possible. Make the game even more complex for older players with Big Boggle or Super Big Boggle. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious and popular card game that challenges players to come up with inappropriate answers to a question. When it’s your turn, you play a question card, and all other players submit an answer card. You then choose your favorite. Initially slated for a fall release, the makers of Cards Against Humanity decided to move up their new family-friendly edition by making a free, printable version available to everyone. So all players need only print out the cards and draw from their own decks to play. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Psych. Download Psych to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. When everyone’s logged in, the app asks a trivia question. Everyone makes something up as an answer, and then all players vote on what they think is the “truth.” If you succeed in convincing the most players your answer is correct, thus psyching them out, you win points. Recommended for ages 12 and up.
  • Code Names. In Code Names, you lay 25 cards on the table. “Spymasters” lead two teams. The spymasters give their teammates one-word clues to help them identify which code name cards belong to their team. If the game owner sends a picture of the cards, it’s easy to play virtually. However, if preferred, players can opt for an online version. Recommended for age 14 and up.

6. A Labeled Snack Pack

Sometimes what makes a gift is all in the packaging. Even a box of Pop-Tarts becomes a sweet gift when it plays on the “Pop” pun with a cute presentation. Put together a whole set of pop treats like Pop Rocks, popcorn, popped chips, Blow Pops, and soda pop and presented it to him as a gift for Pop. Get a free printable tag that reads “Of all the things that pop, we think our Pop’s the top” on Fun Squared.

Or get him a six-pack of his favorite beverage — whether that’s beer or root beer. Find free printable gift tags to go with a beer gift that read “Cheers to the World’s Greatest Dad” on Skip to My Lou. Or get root beer tags that read “Thanks for always rooting me on, Dad” on Thirty Handmade Days.

Alternatively, fill a jar with Dad’s favorite candy and label it “Dad’s Stache” — a play on the word “mustache.” Get a free printable label on Alice Wingerden. Or pack Dad a super-powered lunch and label all his treats with plays on superhero words like a “power snack.” Get free printable labels on Pizzazzerie.

7. An Insulated Tumbler

This year, instead of the standard “World’s Best Dad” mug, take it up a notch with an insulated tumbler. It keeps his beverages at the optimal temperature — whether hot or cold — for hours, plus it lets him show off his best-dad status. Go with the classic “Best Dad Ever” or opt for a spin on the popular kids’ song he likely can’t get out of his head with a “Daddy Shark” tumbler.

8. An Adult Beverage Chiller

If he could use a way to keep his favorite adult beverage chilled, opt instead for a twist on ice cubes that won’t water down his drink of choice. These include:

  • Beer Chiller. Just pop the Corkcicle Chillsner beer chiller’s metal tube in the freezer, and once it’s frozen, stick it in a standard beer bottle. Dad drinks straight through it like a straw, and it keeps his favorite beverage optimally chilled.
  • Wine Chiller. The BlizeTec wine chiller set involves the standard tube for keeping Dad’s wine chilled. Plus, the stick includes aerator and pourer functions to enhance the wine’s flavor.
  • Whiskey Chiller. Whiskey Stones are a classy gift for any whiskey connoisseur. They work just like an ice cube to keep whiskey cool. But unlike an ice cube, they don’t melt, so Dad’s drink doesn’t get watered down.

9. A Handy Tool

Dads that are always fixing things can get ample use from a small tool designed to make their DIY projects easier. A few handy, on-budget tool ideas include:

  • Tiger Wrench. This ultimate socket wrench combines 48 tools to work with virtually any size or shape nut or bolt, which means this single tool can replace an entire set of socket wrenches. The Tiger Wrench even lets Dad work at a 45-degree angle to help him adjust bolts in awkward spots.
  • STKR Concepts Magnetic LED Light Mine. These magnetic LED light mine lights not only look cool, but they’re incredibly useful. The freestanding 360-degree light sticks to any magnetic surface. Plus, the lighting angle is fully adjustable, meaning he can shine extra light wherever he needs it.
  • Engraved Pocket Knife. A pocket knife is handy for all kinds of household tasks — from opening an envelope or box to cutting loose threads. Plus, personalizing it with an engraving gives it the kind of personal touch that transforms it from just a tool to a future family heirloom.
  • Magnetic Wristband. A magnetic wristband is like having a personal assistant standing right nearby. From drill bits to nails to screws, he won’t have to reach far for exactly what he needs when he needs it.

10. Reading Material

Avid readers are bound to enjoy a good book for Father’s Day. Plus, it’s the perfect thing for lounging outside in the summer weather.

If you know his tastes, treat him to a book from his favorite author or genre. If you’re unsure or he prefers e-books, go for an Amazon gift card, which you can print at home or email. Alternatively, if Dad’s a comics reader, get him three months’ worth of Comixology. A monthly subscription gets him unlimited access to all the comics he can read, including Marvel and DC. Or, for just a few dollars over budget, treat him to a three-month subscription to Scribd. Membership gives him unlimited access to all the e-books and audiobooks he can handle.

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Dad Daughter Reading Book Spending Quality Time

A slightly larger budget helps you find the perfect gift for just about any kind of dad, whether they’re dapper dads, “Iron Chef” wannabes, or world travelers. Or go with a sweet and sentimental gift sure to warm any dad’s heart.

11. A Personalized Storybook

Show Dad he’s your hero with a personalized “Super Dad” storybook. The online template lets you upload a photo or opt to create a character that looks like him by customizing his skin tone, hair color and style, facial hair — there’s even the option for glasses. Plus, it lets you include a special dedication page, the names of up to five people, and a family photo on the back cover for a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake.

12. A Personalized Wallet

A wallet with a special message engraved inside is a reminder of your love Dad can carry with him everywhere he goes. The personalized leather wallet from Swanky Badger includes a three-initial monogram on the outside and up to 160 characters on the inside — enough room for your own customized message letting him know exactly how you feel.

Alternatively, if Dad’s kids are still little, have an Etsy designer engrave a leather wallet with their hand-drawn picture and their own handwriting.

13. Custom Jewelry or Accessories

A bracelet or engraved key-chain is another everyday accessory Dad carries with him everywhere he goes. Do you have the type of Dad that wears cuff-links? We recommend you go to Azuro-Republic and pick a nice piece of jewelry for Dad. Have an Etsy designer engrave kids’ actual handwriting or drawings on a metal or leather cuff. Alternatively, have handwriting or artwork engraved on a keychain.


14. A Grooming Set

Whether Dad’s working remotely or showing up to the office, help him get ready for the day with a grooming gift box. The DadBod Gift Set from Dollar Shave Club covers everything he needs for his morning routine: shave butter, razor blades, post-shave cream, toothpaste, face and body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, wipes, and hand cream.

Or get him a gift box of grooming supplies plus stylist-curated items like ties, socks, and pocket squares with the Sprezza box. “Sprezza” is Italian for “dapper or stylish, without seemingly trying,” and this subscription service delivers five to six on-trend accessories and grooming products for men. Get Dad a single gift box or — if your budget allows — opt for a multimonth delivery for a Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving.

15. BBQ Tools

Giving Dad grill tools may be a Father’s Day cliche, but it’s tried and true for a reason. Many people love to grill, and with Father’s Day falling during the height of summer, it’s the perfect time for these kinds of gifts. While you can’t go wrong with a standard grill tools set, gifts that put a unique spin on the usual include:

  • iGrill Mini. The Weber iGrill Mini is a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that works with his iOS devices. It lets him walk away from the grill to socialize or grab a beer without fear he’ll overcook the meat — because it alerts him when the food comes to temperature.
  • Wood Chip Smoking Set. This wood chip smoking set includes a special meat thermometer, a stainless steel wood smoker box and three types of wood chips that let Dad infuse his meats with smoked flavor.
  • Cedar Planks. Alternatively, grilling on natural cedar wood planks from Williams Sonoma also lets Dad get that smoky flavor. He can cook fish, chicken, or steak on these reusable wooden planks. Plus, he can use the handles on the included plank saver — a fitted metal tray — to easily lift them off the grill.
  • Grill Master Personalized Apron Set. The innovative personalized apron from Personalization Mall is far more than your ordinary garden-variety apron. It comes with a bottle-opening tool, tool pockets, and oven mitt, and even an insulated pocket to keep drinks cool. Plus, you can customize it with Dad’s name.
  • Flipping Awesome Grill Tongs. These oversize grill tongs help flip larger cuts of meat. Plus, they come engraved with a special message: “Dad is flipping awesome” that can alternatively be customized with “Grandpa.”
  • Personalized Grill Set. If you have a little extra room in your budget, have an Etsy designer personalize a whole set of grill tools for Dad. These high-quality bamboo-handled tools come in a case engraved with your choice of dad-centric messages, including a cute “Star Wars”-inspired “Yoda the Best Dad Ever.”

16. A Kitchen Science Kit

Cooking is as much science as it is art, and if Dad’s domain is more the indoor kitchen than the outdoor grill, give him a molecular gastronomy kit, a kitchen chemistry set for grown-ups. It lets Dad experiment with ingredients like algae, xanthan gum, and soy lecithin to make sauces, creams, juices, and dressings. He’ll learn about the science behind different texturing ingredients while creating his own avant-garde cuisine. The kit also comes in a cocktail version.

17. A Brew-Your-Own Adult Beverage Kit

Alternatively, get him a gift that lets him experiment with making his own adult beverages from scratch. Craft a Brew specializes in drink kits for fermenting a variety of alcoholic drinks. Dad can craft his own beer, wine, hard seltzer, or cider. Each kit comes with everything Dad needs to make his beverage of choice, including reusable equipment, fresh-packed ingredients, and step-by-step instructions.

18. A Car Care Kit

Whether Dad’s car is his pride and joy or his ride’s been trashed by too many car pools, a car care kit helps him keep it in shape — bonus points if the kids also use it to do the car-washing for him. The car care kit by Meguiar’s has everything he needs to do the job, including cleaning, buffing, and protecting Dad’s vehicle. All the products are premium quality to get his car sparkling like new.

Or opt for a high-powered car vacuum like the one from ThisWorx. It comes with lots of cleaning attachments to get into all those nooks and crannies. Plus, it makes maintaining relative cleanliness that much easier, as it plugs into the car’s 12-volt lighter port for quick cleanups.

19. A Waterproof Speaker

Help Dad maintain access to all his favorite tunes with a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker. The JBL Clip 2 is compact and comes with a carabiner clip for attaching to just about anything — from belt loops to beach chairs to stroller handles. Plus, it’s completely waterproof, so he can even float or submerge it in the pool. And Dad can stream his music wirelessly or use the included audio cable to connect it to his smartphone or tablet. Its built-in rechargeable battery supports eight hours of continuous play, making it the perfect accessory for all Dad’s summer adventures.

20. A Virtual Travel Experience

Physical travel may be off the table for the time being, but you can still help Dad check an item off his bucket list with one of Airbnb’s virtual travel experiences. Tour an olive farm in Croatia, listen to live music in Argentina, make dumplings in China, learn the secrets of sound effects in Hollywood, experience street art in Athens, or swim with sharks in Mozambique. It’s not quite the same as actually being there, but he can get an insider’s look from real locals and experts — and all for thousands less than the cost of international travel.

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Fathers Day Gift Beer Present

A budget in this range lets you spoil Dad with the best kinds of gifts — indulgences he won’t justify buying for himself but will be thrilled to get. These include luxury food gifts like craft beers, high-quality grill meats, and personalized ice cream. Or go with fun gear to celebrate his favorite fandom — whether that’s music, sports, or superheroes.

21. A Beer or Wine Gift Box or Subscription

Whether it’s beer or wine Dad’s into, a gift box exists for sampling new and artisan varieties of his favorite beverage. A few to try include:

  • Craft Beer Club. The Craft Beer Club is one of the most popular beer subscriptions — and for good reason. Each month, Dad gets to sample three bottles each of four different varieties of craft beer — 12 bottles in total. And in a country with over 6,000 breweries, he can sample some of the more exceptional and obscure ones without ever leaving home, including those with limited distribution he’d never get to try otherwise. At this budget level, you can treat him to two months’ worth. Plus, you select how many shipments you want when you order, so you don’t have to worry about recurring payments.
  • Beer of the Month Club. Sign Dad up for the Beer of the Month Club. Each month, he gets a monthly box packed with 12 hand-selected beers, including three each of four types of rare craft beer from across the U.S. Plus, they send him the Beer Expeditions newsletter featuring information and fun facts about that month’s selections. You can even personalize the gift with your own customized message. At this budget level, you can treat Dad to two months of beer. And you select how many shipments at checkout, so you don’t need to worry about recurring payments.
  • Vinebox. If Dad’s beverage of choice is wine, treat him to a Vinebox tasting box. They send a flight of nine of the best wines of the moment in single-glass sizes — perfect for tasting. Plus, if Dad especially likes any of the wines he tries, he gets a $15 or $30 credit — depending on the box — toward the purchase of full-size bottles.

22. A Gift Box of Steaks

Chances are your dad loves a good steak, especially with grilling season in full swing. If he’ll be firing up the grill this summer, get him the Omaha Steaks Favorite Flavors Combo. It includes four 5-ounce top sirloins, four 4-ounce boneless chicken breasts, four 4-ounce burgers, four jumbo franks, and four servings of steakhouse fries — perfect for a family cookout. Alternatively, go with the more classic steakhouse vibe provided by the Father’s Day T-Bone Dinner. It comes with two 18-ounce T-bone steaks, four stuffed baked potatoes, and four individual New York cheesecakes.

And if Dad’s a serious steak connoisseur, opt for a choice cut of beef or a gift card from Snake River Farms. Their award-winning, highly marbled wagyu beef (the American version of Kobe beef) has a melt-in-your-mouth texture and has been served in top-rated restaurants around the world.

23. A Cool Treat

Alternatively, treat Dad to dessert. The Just for Dad collection from eCreamery features four flavors of gourmet ice cream, including chocolate cake ice cream with fudge swirls and brownie bites, vanilla ice cream with toffee crunch, mint cookie crunch ice cream with fudge swirls, and s’mores ice cream. Plus, each pint comes with a fun title like “World’s Coolest Dad.” And if it’s Grandpa you’re shopping for, they also make a collection called Just for Grandpa with the same flavors.

24. A High-Performance Cooler

Get tailgating dads, camping dads, or any dad who likes to take his cookout on the road a cooler that retains ice for up to seven days when shut and can withstand a mauling bear. The Lifetime high-performance cooler features dual-locking lid latches, rope handles, a built-in bottle opener, and a 55-quart capacity. Plus, it performs as well as comparable models while costing significantly less. In fact, a 2020 CNET review listed it as the cooler with the best design.

25. A Subscription for Sports Gear

Depending on his sport of choice, Dad may have to put his favorite hobby on the shelf for a while. There aren’t many safe opportunities for playing, coaching, or even watching team sports this summer. However, not all sports are off the table. Dad can safely enjoy some outdoor sports — like golfing, cycling, or tennis — or enjoy time in the outdoors hiking and fishing, as long as he sticks to appropriate social distancing guidelines. To keep Dad stocked in gear, set him up with a subscription service, including:

  • Golf Gift Box. Keep Dad stocked in golf essentials with a monthly subscription to Swinger Box. It includes 12 golf balls, 30 golf tees, and a leather glove, plus apparel discounts. At this budget level, you can treat Dad to two months’ worth.
  • Cycling Gift Box. Whether Dad’s a beginning cyclist or a seasoned pro, Cratejoy’s Street Team box delivers essentials chosen by cyclists for cyclists. These include bike tools, road gear, tire patch kits, handlebar tape, and apparel. At this budget level, you can treat him to three months’ worth. Use the code “SUMMER20SALE” for 20 percent off your first box.
  • Tennis Gift Box. Each month’s Cratejoy Tennis Trunk includes six to eight pieces of tennis gear, including two cans of tennis balls, plus T-shirts, hats, snacks, and towels. At this budget level, you can get Dad a three-month subscription.
  • Outdoors Gift Box.  A monthly subscription to Steel to Reel is ideal for Dads who love the outdoors, whether that includes hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping. Expert outdoorsmen from Outdoor Life magazine and Field & Stream curate each monthly box. Plus, each contains a different mix of brand-new, never-before-included items meant to complement each other for a complete outdoor experience. Past boxes have included things like a backpack, camp knife, binoculars, tactical flashlight, emergency blanket, climbing gear, and snacks. At this budget level, you can treat Dad to three months’ worth. Use the code “SUMMER20SALE” for 20 percent off your first box.

26. A Record Subscription

Get audiophile Dads a subscription to Vinyl Me, Please (VMP). The service sends him one special-edition record he can’t find anywhere else each month, as they’re pressed exclusively for VMP. Each album includes deluxe packaging and special extras like custom artwork and a drink pairing. Choose from one of three categories: essentials, classics, and rap and hip-hop. And if he doesn’t like that month’s record, he can choose to swap it for another, so he always gets something that rocks him. At this budget level, you can get him three months (or three records). Each month, VMP selects and presses one exclusive record.

27. A Custom Bobblehead Action Figure

Make Dad’s dreams come true with a custom superhero bobblehead action figure that looks just like him. Send in a photo of Dad and choose his favorite action figure to cosplay, including Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, and Thor. Dad gets to relive his childhood, imagining himself as his favorite. Better yet, it’s the perfect way to tell Dad he’s your hero.

28. A Genealogy Kit

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate Dad’s role in the family lineage. DNA kits like the one from AncestryDNA do more than tell him what areas of the world he’s from. They unlock surprising connections to help him discover his roots, trace his heritage, and learn new things about himself. Add in an Ancestry membership, which allows Dad to explore a vast library of records to research his family tree, and Dad will feel even more connected to a bigger story about his family.

29. An Electric Shaver

If Dad’s electric shaver is looking a little worse for wear, upgrade him to a newer model. The Philips Norelco wet or dry shaver lets him shave dry or with shaving foam, and he can even use it in the shower. Its three flexible heads allow it to follow the contours of Dad’s face or head far better than a disposable. And the skin-protection system keeps him from getting any annoying nicks or cuts. It helps prevent those nasty razor bumps too. Plus, the pop-up trimmer keeps his mustache and sideburns well groomed.

30. A Box of Socks

If your Dad’s tricky to buy for, go with an age-old Father’s Day standard and get him some socks. It’s a practical gift usable by everyone. Put an original spin on the gift with a subscription service or a box full of premium socks. A few to try include:

  • Sock Fancy. Make a gift of socks more interesting with a new pair every month. Sock Fancy socks are made of high-quality combed cotton for comfort and durability. Plus, these socks aren’t boring. They come in a range of fun prints, so Dad will get a delightful surprise with each shipment. At this budget level, you can treat him to nearly a year’s worth of monthly socks.
  • Say It With a Sock. Like Sock Fancy, Say It With a Sock also sends one pair a month of high-quality, combed-cotton socks. But you get the option to choose understated patterned socks or fun graphic prints. And if you can’t decide, you can opt for both and get two pairs a month. At this budget level, you can get Dad a six-month prepaid subscription of single pairs. Plus, during checkout, you can opt to add on a pair of “corny dad” socks, socks featuring corn with the phrase “Corny Dad” on the soles. They come in special pun-filled packaging that reads, “To my a-maize-ing father.”
  • Bombas Gift Box. This pack of four calf-height pairs of Bombas socks are no ordinary socks. They’re made from extra-long staple cotton for premium softness and at just the right tension level to prevent them from slipping down. The honeycomb structure around the midfoot gives firm and comfortable compression. And the Y-stitched heel perfectly contours to the shape of his foot. Plus, it’s a gift you can feel good about. For every pair sold, Bombas donates one to those in need.

Gifts Over 0

Facebook Portal App Video Chat Messenger

If you’re used to splurging on tickets for a game, concert or comedy show, or dinner and a movie for Dad, Father’s Day will definitely be different this year. Instead of letting it be a downer, take the money you would have spent on dinner or tickets and celebrate Dad with one of these luxury gifts instead.

31. A Hands-Free Device for Video Calls

Although many areas across the U.S. have lifted shelter-in-place restrictions, guidelines still dictate social distancing. That means many dads and grandpas will be spending Father’s Day apart from their grown children and grandchildren. Make the holiday seem a bit less lonely with a hands-free device designed for making video calls, like the Facebook Portal. It comes in a range of screen sizes, including the 10-inch Portal, 8-inch Portal Mini, and 15.6-inch Portal+. Additionally, the Portal TV lets you chat through your TV screen, so the viewing field is as big as your TV is.

Every Portal comes with Alexa built in, which means it can access the full range of Alexa skills — like telling Dad the weather, playing his favorite music, streaming his favorite movies, and even letting him watch cooking videos while he whips up something in the kitchen.

And when it comes to making video calls, the Portal features unique smart camera technology that automatically pans, widens, and zooms to keep everyone in view. That means Dad can set down his phone and chat with his loved ones as if they were in the same room.

More, it comes with a neat feature for grandparents. Through the use of animations and augmented reality, Grandpa can read to the grandkids as a character in a storybook using the included Story Time app.

Plus, it does all this for significantly less than the cost of the comparable Echo Show or Google Nest Hub Max. And you can save $50 if you buy two devices. However, it’s not necessary for all callers to have a Portal, as the device lets you connect through Messenger or WhatsApp.

32. A Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch

If Dad’s always wanted one, now’s the perfect time to try out a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

The Fitbit Versa tracks all his fitness needs — from activity to heart rate to calories burned. Plus, it monitors his sleep, giving him helpful insight into its quality. It also comes with Amazon’s Alexa built in, which lets Dad check the weather, get quick news, set timers and alarms, control his smart home devices, and play all his music. And it connects with his smartphone to give him notifications of calls and texts and enables him to make quick voice replies.

If you want to go all-in on a smartwatch, go with the Apple Watch Series 5. It’s the most feature-rich smartwatch there is. Along with health and fitness tracking, it has advanced workout metrics, high and low heart rate detection, an FDA-cleared ECG app for even more detailed heart readings, and water-resistance up to 50 meters. Plus, it comes with fall detection with an SOS trigger. It streams the more than 60 million songs in Apple’s library, plus podcasts and audiobooks. And it’s capable of replacing your phone, so Dad can make a call during his run or stream music while he’s lounging by the pool. He can even leave his wallet at home and use it to pay for his morning coffee. It’s a significant investment, but there’s not a lot this watch doesn’t do.

33. A TV With Built-In Streaming

Is Dad bummed by the lack of summer entertainment options? Set him up with a new TV with built-in streaming. Having the apps built in streamlines the number of devices, including remotes, and simplifies the setup process. Plus, Dad will have a front-row seat to unlimited options for movies, television, and sports games. Equipped with Roku’s smart TV system, the TCL 6 series features 4K ultra-high-definition for a vivid, lifelike viewing experience. Additionally, quantum dot technology delivers exceptional brightness and wide color volume that mimics the format used by cinema screens and Hollywood filmmakers. That means Dad can get a cinema-style experience from the comfort of home while theaters are closed.

And if you want to get Dad the best TV money can buy, go with one of LG’s wow-worthy OLED models. The LG B8 features artificial intelligence built in, so it can control all your smart home devices, including those powered by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, using just your voice. Plus, the a7 intelligent processor enhances 4K high-dynamic-range imaging content with superior depth and color to create a lifelike cinematic experience. And its 8.3 million individually lit pixels brighten, dim, or power off completely to provide unparalleled sharpness and the best black levels of any TV.

34. An Artisan Food Subscription

Set up foodie dads with an annual subscription for deliveries of unique foods or ingredients. A few to try include:

  • RawSpiceBar. Get a quarterly kit of six freshly ground spices and blends — 24 in total with an annual subscription to RawSpiceBar. Also included are recipes for globally inspired dishes Dad can make with the spices.
  • Fuego Box. Each quarterly box from the small-batch hot sauce subscription Fuego Box contains three 5-ounce bottles of hot sauce — 12 bottles per year. These artisan sauces are sourced from all over the world and focus on quality and good taste over burn-your-mouth off gimmicks.
  • Try the World. A subscription to Try the World brings a monthly delivery of gourmet delicacies featuring seven to eight foods from around the world curated by notable chefs. Also included is a culture guide telling the story behind each product and giving a recipe to showcase it at its best. Dad can feel like a world traveler without ever leaving the comfort of home.
  • Best of Mouth. Get a Best of Mouth subscription for the Dad who’s a true foodie. Each monthly delivery comes with unique, little-known, and artisan foods like apple cider caramels with rose petals and cocoa nibs, absinthe uncured salami, or black truffle cheddar cheese. Opt for the Best of the Mouth box, which includes a variety of snacks, sweets, sauces, and cocktail mixers.
  • Mantry. With a Mantry subscription, every two months, Dad gets a new selection of six full-size artisan ingredients designed around a theme. Past boxes have included Bacon Brunch, filled with foods like a bacon-infused chocolate bar and hickory-smoked maple syrup; Pizza Party, with ingredients like smoked pepperoni and prosciutto for making the perfect grilled pizza; and Biergarten, packed with pretzels, grainy mustard, and a stout-infused caramel bar.

35. A Premium Cocktail or Brewing Machine

If Dad can’t get to bars and restaurants during the pandemic, make it easy for him to brew or mix up his own drinks with a high-end appliance. Whether he prefers beers or cocktails, a few noteworthy models include:

  • PicoBrew Model C. The PicoBrew Model C is the most comprehensive all-in-one home-brewing system. It allows you to choose prepacked recipes sold by PicoBrew or experiment with your own ingredients and recipes. Plus, it’s easy to use, and some beers finish in as little as two weeks.
  • Fizzics Draft Beer Dispenser. If Dad would rather not brew his own, but wants that freshly pulled draft experience, get him a Fizzics draft beer dispenser. This at-home or on-the-go machine takes any bottle or can of beer Dad wants and sends it through its tap system to create a nitro-style draft pour for enhanced flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel.
  • Margaritaville Margarita Maker. The Margaritaville margarita maker shaves ice instead of crushing it like a blender for a more authentic frozen margarita experience. Plus, it uses preprogrammed settings to automatically shave exactly the right amount of ice and blend ingredients precisely, allowing Dad to make professional-quality frozen drinks. And with its extra-large ice reservoir, Dad can keep the party going through three pitcherfuls of margaritas.
  • Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine. The Bartesian cocktail machine is an intelligent drink system that lets Dad get the bar experience at home with just the touch of a button. It’s like a Keurig for cocktails. Just as you’d fill a single-cup coffee maker’s water reservoir, fill the Bartesian with several cocktail bases — like vodka, tequila, or whiskey. Then simply insert a premixed and measured capsule for your preferred cocktail, select your strength, and enjoy a wide range of restaurant-quality cocktails without the need to stock up on bitters, syrups, and juices.

36. An Outdoor Grill

While Dad’s busy missing restaurants, update his old grill with a high-quality new one. CNET dubbed the Weber Spirit II E-210 grill the “best for burgers” in 2020. According to the review, it perfectly sears and evenly cooks them, resulting in the ideal patty. Plus, this is one of Weber’s grills compatible with the iGrill system. This separately purchased device lets Dad wirelessly monitor the temperatures of up to four meats at once through an app on his smartphone.

37. A High-Tech Bug Trap

If Dad plans on spending a lot of time outside this summer, keep his backyard space pest-free with a Dynatrap. This ingenious chemical-free bug trapper uses lights and carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects. Even better, it does it all silently, so Dad can enjoy lounging outside without the nuisance of itchy bites or the annoying sound of a bug zapper.

38. A Set of Power Tools

Avid do-it-yourselfers can never have too many power tools. So why settle for one when you can outfit Dad with a whole set of them? The Ryobi combo kit comes with some of the most popular tools for accomplishing most household jobs, including a drill, circular saw, impact driver, reciprocating saw, work light, and carrying case. Plus, each tool is battery-powered and cordless.

39. A Nostalgic Game Machine

If your dad is between the ages of 40 and 65, he likely has fond memories of playing arcade games in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Help him relive them with his own home model. Arcade1Up makes a series of reproductions featuring classics like Space Invaders, Galaga, Pac-Man, and Mortal Kombat. At three-quarters the size of conventional machines, it’s easy for Dad to find the perfect corner to stow it.

Or take your 30- to 50-year-old dad back to the ‘90s with a Nintendo NES Classic Edition. It comes preloaded with 30 retro games, including Kirby, Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy.

40. A Master Class Subscription

No dad is too old to learn new tricks, especially if the lessons come from the likes of Penn & Teller. From perfecting his jump shot with Stephen Curry to refining his poker game with Daniel Negreanu, Dad can learn almost anything he wants from a master of their craft with a subscription to MasterClass. Subscriptions are annual, so he gets a full year’s worth of all the classes he can handle, including learning cooking from Gordon Ramsey, guitar from Carlos Santana, comedy from Steve Martin, filmmaking from Martin Scorsese, and storytelling from Neil Gaiman.

Final Word

Father’s Day might look a little different this year than usual. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate Dad in a big way. After all, parenting is a tough job — made even more so by tough times. And Dad deserves a little spoiling. Fortunately, you can accomplish that at any budget level. Because in the end, all dads really want is to know how much you appreciate them.

What are your plans for sharing Father’s Day with your dad during the pandemic?

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