40 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New or Expecting Dads (on Every Budget)

Congratulations are definitely in order for all new parents. And while moms and babies are likely to garner the majority of attention and gifts, this includes new dads. Parenthood is unquestionably hard. And though moms do most of the heavy lifting during pregnancy and delivery — hence the popularity of push presents — thanks to changing attitudes, spouses are more likely than ever to share parenting responsibilities.

That means many dads are up in the middle of the night too — whether to warm Baby a bottle or take their turn at changing a diaper. They’re also just as likely to take their little ones for a walk in the stroller, tote them and all the essentials to a Gymboree class, blend up a batch of homemade baby food, or entertain their little one while Mom gets some well-deserved shut-eye. So Dad’s going to need just as much gear as she is.

The best new-dad gifts help him survive those first few months of sleepless nights or juggle hectic new routines. They make the transition into parenthood a little easier or more comfortable or help celebrate his new-dad status with a lasting keepsake.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gifts at all price points to celebrate new dads. And  whether you’re shopping for his first Father’s Day gift or just because, he’ll feel special knowing you thought of him as he embarks on his exciting new journey.

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Babysitter Baby Playing Livingroom

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a new dad a welcome and useful gift. Some gifts cost nothing but time. Additionally, a budget in this range gets Dad a handy helper, some fun and informative reading material, a few tools for rest and relaxation, or a commemorative keepsake.

1. Babysitting

It’s next to impossible for new parents to find a moment to themselves, even if they’re tag-teaming on parenting duties. Whether struggling to figure out new routines or dealing with a baby who dislikes being put down, when they’re able to get a moment, it usually involves collapsing in exhaustion. So volunteering to step in for some free babysitting is one of the most welcome gifts you can give a new parent, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

If you’d rather not do the babysitting yourself, go with an UrbanSitter gift card. The nationwide service connects parents to a network of over 150,000 trusted babysitters, all vetted with background checks and recommendations from fellow parents and members of the community. With babysitting costing an average of nearly $18 per hour for a single child, according to Urban Sitter’s 2020 annual survey, it’s prohibitive enough to keep many parents home. But a gift of even $20 buys them a little time and helps them save on babysitting.

If you have a bigger budget to play with, a monthly or annual access pass lets parents browse, interview, and book a sitter who meets their needs.

2. A Dad Manual

While it may seem cliche to assume dads don’t know much about caring for babies, a dad manual is a humorous gift that’s so useful Mom will want to borrow it. A few truly practical — and funny — dad guides include:

  • “Show Dad How” by Shawn Bean. This illustrated guide from Parenting Magazine is filled with hilarious graphics that teach Dad how to handle diaper disasters, invent a fairy tale, mix formula, childproof a home, and even deliver a baby on the subway.
  • “Dude, You’re a Dad!” by John Pfeiffer. This practical guide leads new dads through everything they’ll experience in Baby’s first year, from bracing Dad for all the temper tantrums, head-banging, and restlessness to instructing him on what he should be doing for Baby — and Mom.
  • “The New Dad’s Playbook” by Benjamin Watson. Written by a Super Bowl champion, this guide is more sports metaphor than humor-driven. But it’s a guaranteed hit for any new dad who’s fond of football. This game plan for parenthood leads new dads through preseason (preparing for parenthood), the Super Bowl (Baby’s arrival), and postseason (when the baby’s home). Even better, not only does it show what to do to care for a baby, it teaches them all about what their partners are going through so they can support their most valuable teammate.
  • “Experimenting with Babies” by Shaun Gallagher. This guide leads Dad through 50 simple science projects that give him insight into how his baby is acquiring new skills like recognizing faces, understanding new words, and learning to walk. For example, he’ll learn about the stepping reflex when he holds his baby upright in a standing position and notices babies automatically move their feet back and forth. The experiments are a fun way to connect with Baby while learning to experience the world through their eyes. Plus, it isn’t specifically dad-centric, so it’s fun for Mom too.

3. Sleep Helpers

When you’re a new parent, a full night’s sleep is a faraway dream. In fact, 2019 research published in the journal Sleep found parents experience disrupted sleep for at least the first six years. Plus, it’s a common misconception that dads get more sleep than moms. Even if Mom is breastfeeding, Dad is often up too — whether fetching things for her or giving Baby a prefilled bottle so Mom can get a break.

So when it’s Dad’s turn to sleep, he needs helpful sleep aids. A few on-budget ideas include:

  • A Sleep Mask. A 100% blackout sleep mask lets Dad catch a power nap any time of day. And since parents need to fit in sleep whenever they can, it’s likely he’ll be sleeping during the day as often as night.
  • Earplugs. It’s no secret babies cry a lot. Even if it’s Dad’s turn to get some rest, Baby let whoever’s within earshot know they need a bottle, their diaper changed, or some comforting cuddles with wails guaranteed to keep him awake. Help prevent that with a set of earplugs.
  • A White Noise Machine. No one gets to sleep if Baby doesn’t. So help tired parents get a full night’s rest with a white noise machine that helps babies sleep. The cute owl-shaped Baby Sleep Soother comes with six white noise tracks, including a shushing sound pediatrician Harvey Karp recommends in his book “The Happiest Baby on the Block,”

4. A Luxurious Shaving Kit

Even if Dad is housebound with Mom the first few weeks of Baby’s life, a luxury shave kit helps him prepare to face the world when he’s ready. It’s also an excellent way to make him feel pampered. The Harry’s Truman Set gift box contains everything he needs for a clean shave: a signature-handle razor with a weighted core and textured rubber grip, three German-engineered blade cartridges with flex hinges and lubricating strips, foaming shave gel, and travel covers so he can easily pop the razor in his bag when he’s on the go.

5. Skin Care Essentials

If you really want to pamper Dad, treat him to some facial care products to perk up his overtired skin. A few to try include:

  • The Bro Mask. The award-winning Bro Mask is approachable skin care for the modern man that’s packed with vitamins, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to help firm, brighten, and moisturize. It’s specially formulated for men’s skin and comes in two pieces, so bearded men can use it too.
  • Korean Sheet Masks. For the trendy dad, opt for a traditional Korean sheet mask. The Lapcos variety pack ensures he has just what he needs. The set includes a purifying charcoal mask, moisturizing milk mask, nourishing honey mask, brightening pearl mask, and cleansing pad.
  • Arabica Coffee Scrub. The Arabica coffee scrub from Brooklyn Botany gives Dad a full-body caffeine boost to wake him up no matter how little sleep he got. Plus, the scrub helps remove old, tired skin cells, while coffee’s antioxidant properties fight signs of aging and fatigue.
  • A Charcoal Face Towel. Activated charcoal cleanses and purifies skin. The Morihata Binchotan activated charcoal face scrub towel is infused with charcoal. So there’s no need for a separate mask or cleanser. He can detox his skin without the hassle of additional products.

6. A Smartphone Handlebar Mount

A clip-on smartphone mount is the perfect stroller accessory for on-the-go dads. It keeps Dad’s hands free for steering. Plus, he can take calls, type quick messages, or play music while he and Baby are out for a walk or run.

7. A Smartphone Camera Tripod & Selfie Stick

Every new parent quickly fills their smartphone with adorable baby pictures. Help him capture all those moments together with a combo tripod and selfie stick. The gadget lets him get in the picture easily and even includes a handy remote for operating the shutter on most smartphones. So Baby won’t later wonder where Dad was in all those photos.

8. An Insulated Mug or Tumbler

A personalized, insulated mug or tumbler lets Dad announce his new status while keeping his beverage of choice at the optimal temperature for hours — whether that’s a cup of coffee or a cold one. It also serves as a great reminder to stay hydrated, even when he’s preoccupied with diaper duty.

9. A Commemorative Keychain

Keys are a practical accessory we carry with us wherever we go. So what better place for a sweet reminder of Dad’s new role? A few sure to become cherished keepsakes include:

  • Baby Handprint or Footprint Keychain. Though it may seem like a long time while you’re going through it, kids are only babies for a year. It’s true what they say: Blink, and you’ll miss it. Help Dad hang onto those quickly fleeting little years by preserving Baby’s tiny handprint or footprint with a custom engraved keychain.
  • Stamped Leather Keychain. A custom leather keychain looks classy. And it can be engraved with the baby’s birthday and a sweet message.
  • Superhero Dad Keychain. Dads are often swooping in to save the day. So let him know how super you think he is with a Batman-style keychain. This one comes with the option of including a Batarang engraved with his new little one’s name.
  • Lucky Penny Keychain. Customize a keychain with a penny made the same year Baby is born. It’s a sweet reminder of how lucky he feels to be a dad.

10. Commemorative Artwork

Another way to commemorate this monumental moment in his life is with a custom art print. If Dad’s a music lover, go with a sound print of his favorite jam — a recording of Baby’s heartbeat. Or opt for a customized star map showing what the night sky looked like the moment his little one was born.

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Basket Full Of Beer Fathers Day Outdoors Pink Blue

A slightly higher budget lets you get the new dad fun gifts like preplanned date nights or daddy-and-me outfits, practical kitchen tools, or loads of useful tech.

11. A New Dad Survival Kit

Dad’s life is about to turn upside down — from struggling through sleep deprivation to figuring out how to juggle all the new tasks of parenthood. And that means he could use a little pampering. So set up new dads with a “survival kit” you put together yourself. Fill it with fun and useful treats like snacks, coffee, beer, stain removers, eye gel pads for puffiness and dark circles, and a sleep aid or two. Get free printables for labeling your gift basket at Life With My Littles.

Alternatively, get Dad a premade box like the Rad Dad Box, which contains treats for him plus products to help him bond with Baby. In this budget range, you can get him one deluxe box, which includes grooming products, snacks, dad-themed books and apparel, toys for Baby, and daddy-and-me activity suggestions — five to eight total items. If your budget is bigger, opt for a subscription, which brings Dad a collection of helpful new items every month.

12. An At-Home Date Night Gift Basket

With all the new baby expenses plus the high cost of child care, it’s easy for date night to fall off the list of priorities. But it’s nevertheless essential to put your relationship with your spouse at the center of family life. After all, the two of you are cocreating it together. Whether new parents are reluctant to leave their little one or just looking for a way to save, an at-home date night is the answer.

Treat a new dad to a romantic night of bonding with his spouse with a DIY date night gift basket. Use what you know about the new couple to put together a fun-filled activity and fill the basket with all the supplies necessary. For example, if you’re treating them to dinner and a movie, pop in a gift certificate for a rental service like Redbox, some popcorn and boxes of candy, and ingredients for their favorite meal or a gift card for a delivery service like DoorDash.

Alternatively, get him a done-for-you date night in a box. The Tango Together box from DateBox Mini includes two full sets of tangrams, 15 puzzle cards with instructions for two ways to play, a game of conversation starters to bring them closer together, a hand-poured soy candle, and a special “kiss bag” with mints and kiss tokens.

Or go with a date box from the subscription service Happily. The service lets you give one box or a recurring subscription of monthly date nights tailored to the couple’s unique interests. Happily curates the date after the couple completes a questionnaire. Each box includes all the ingredients and supplies they need to carry out their customized date — whether that’s roasting s’mores at an indoor campout, hand-painting cake pops, or mastering new card games.

13. Daddy-&-Me Shirts

Outfit Dad for all the photo ops to come with a set of coordinating daddy-and-me T-shirts. Whether he’s into sports, “Star Wars,” video gaming, superheroes, or music, there’s a set of T-shirts and onesies to suit his interests. They’re sure to result in some seriously adorable pics of Dad and Baby.

14. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Help him get a quick and easy hot meal while he’s juggling Baby’s feedings with a Hamilton Beach Dual breakfast sandwich maker. He’ll have a hearty breakfast he can handle with one hand in no time. Plus, this machine makes two sandwiches at once, which means he can prep one for Mom too.

15. A Portable Coffee Maker

Keep Dad stocked with fuel no matter how little sleep he got the night before with a coffee maker that brews on the go. If Dad likes cold-brew, opt for a combo cold-brew coffee maker and carafe. It makes his coffee for him and keeps it cold for up to 24 hours.

If he’s a coffee connoisseur or just prefers a more potent shot, go with the Minipresso GR espresso maker. It makes Dad a rich, bold espresso. Plus, it’s handheld, lightweight, portable, and completely manual. Just add hot water and ground coffee — no need for batteries or plugging it in. So, it’s perfect for play dates, trips to the park, or using at the office whenever he needs a quick hit of caffeine.

16. A Portable Speaker or Headphones

A portable speaker lets Dad play his favorite songs or soothe Baby with a lullaby wherever they go — whether they’re on a stroll around the neighborhood or lounging in the backyard. The JBL Clip 3 is a durable, portable, waterproof speaker that lets Dad stream tunes hands-free from a Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone. Plus, it comes with a convenient carabiner clip so he can easily attach it to the stroller’s handlebars, a backpack strap, or a belt loop.

If Dad would rather keep the tunes to himself, go with a pair of TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 earbuds. They feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology to pair seamlessly with his smartphone. Plus, the noise-reduction technology allows him to make crystal clear phone calls no matter what kind of noisy environment he finds himself in. And he can keep the music going for up to eight hours on a single charge, with an additional 22 hours of playback with the included charging case.

17. A Backup Battery

A portable charger keeps Dad’s devices ready to go whenever he needs them — whether to record an important milestone or avert Baby’s meltdown when his iPad dies. The Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh portable charger features dual built-in cables — a USB and a lightning cable — so Dad can power any of his devices, Apple or otherwise, and even two at once. Plus, it’s small and lightweight enough to slip into a pocket easily and carries enough power to charge most smartphones at least twice. It even includes a handy flashlight to keep Dad prepared for any emergency.

18. A Docking Station

Alternatively, help Dad keep all his devices charged and ready to go with a docking station that lets him power up several at once. When he has a convenient place to plug in all his devices, it’s easy to create a routine of hooking them up at night so they’ll be fully powered in the morning. The rustic wood docking station from WoodenPageGifts has a unique bar for hanging up his smartwatch or fitness tracker, a ledge for his phone, and a tray underneath for his wallet and keys. It even allows for optional personalization.

Alternatively, opt for a docking station that includes convenient slots for both his phone and tablet, like the polished wooden dual organizer from Love’ka Home Gifts.

19. A Smart Home Hub

A smart home hub is any parent’s secret weapon. With simple voice commands, the entry-level Echo Dot plays lullabies, reads bedtime stories, sets alarms, schedules feedings and diaper changes, makes hands-free phone calls, lets Dad order online, and controls all his other smart home devices. That means Dad can turn on and off lights and even appliances while his hands are otherwise occupied with Baby. It’s like giving Dad his own personal assistant.

If Dad prefers Google’s voice assistant over Alexa, set him up with a Google Nest Mini. It does everything the Echo Dot does but uses Google’s system rather than Amazon’s.

20. A Set of Smart Plugs

If Dad already has a smart home hub, extend his ability to control his entire home hands-free with a set of smart home plugs. These let him turn on and off any appliance — like the coffee maker, a lamp, or the TV — with just his voice. And if he’s upstairs and forgot to turn something off downstairs, he can opt to use either his smart home hub or an app on his phone to turn it off without waking the baby sleeping in his arms.

Gifts – 0

Coffee In A Mug Red Beans

If you have a little more to spend, a budget in this range gets Dad practical gifts to make new parenthood more manageable. Think comfortable and functional clothes, appliances that make dinner prep a breeze, and tech to keep track of all his essentials or keep him awake and entertained during late-night feedings. It also affords Dad a few higher-end keepsakes like custom artwork or jewelry.

21. A Coffee Subscription

A constant supply of caffeine keeps Dad awake during all those middle-of-the-night feedings. A subscription gets him all the caffeine he needs to make it through those first several months. A few to try include:

  • Atlas. Atlas Coffee Club sources and curates artisan coffee from all around the world, including blends and beans from more than 50 countries like Colombia, Malawi, Indonesia, and Burundi. Each month, Dad gets 12 ounces of a new single-origin coffee from a different country complete with a postcard, tasting notes, and brewing instructions. This budget level gets Dad six months’ worth of coffee — plenty to get him through those first sleepless months.
  • Craft Coffee. Perk Dad up with a monthly coffee sampler from Craft Coffee. Each delivery includes 12 ounces of coffee fresh-roasted in-house in small batches no more than 72 hours before shipping. Shipments also include detailed tasting notes and brewing tips. This budget level gets Dad up to six monthly deliveries, depending on his coffee choices. The service lets Dad customize his order before it ships his coffee.
  • Blue Bottle. A Blue Bottle coffee subscription lets Dad choose from single-origin, blends, and espresso so he gets exactly the kind of fuel he needs. Plus, it curates every batch for freshness and peak flavor. At this budget level, you can send Dad a three-month supply of coffee delivered every other week — six 6-ounce shipments total. Or customize the gift to your exact budget by choosing the delivery frequency, number of shipments, and type of coffee.

22. Loungewear

Yoga pants have become the stereotypical mom outfit, but Dads like comfy clothes too. A pair of sweatpants and a soft hoodie are cozy enough to lounge around the house with Baby yet more presentable than pajamas when Dad needs to head to the store. The Gifford fleece-lined lounge pants fit the bill. Ugg makes them, so they’re guaranteed to be comfy. Dad can wear them all day or even sleep in them when he’s too tired to change.

And when it comes to Dad’s top half, the soft henley hoodie from UpWest is equally cozy and practical. It’s stylish enough to throw on before heading out when Dad’s too busy tending to Baby to worry about dressing up. Plus, it’s made of a lightweight blend of soft cotton and polyester, so you can toss in the wash when it inevitably gets covered in spit-up.

23. Practical Slippers

A slipper with a sturdy sole like the Teva men’s M Ember MOC slipper is the perfect gift for Dads too tired to worry about what’s on their feet. The cushiony slipper-shoe hybrid is comfortable, water-resistant, and comes in five colors. Dad can wear them while lounging around the house or even to run a quick errand.

24. A Diaper Bag or Backpack

Diaper bags are often designed with moms or babies in mind. They come in feminine styles, like shoulder bags or large totes, or covered in cutesy prints involving bumblebees or teddy bears. And chances are if the couple received one as a baby shower gift, it’s of this variety.

Fortunately, there are multiple options to suit any Dad’s preferences, so you can get him one he doesn’t mind carrying around. The Eddie Bauer backpack diaper bag is roomy enough to carry all the essentials — diapers, a change of clothes, snacks, and even a toy or two. Plus, it comes with a cooler compartment for keeping milk cold, two interior pockets for additional bottles, and an easy-access wipes dispenser on the side. And from the outside, it looks like an ordinary black backpack.

If you have a little extra room in your budget, go with a new dad survival kit from Dad Gifts. It’s a stylish, messenger-style diaper bag that comes prepacked with essentials like stain remover wipes, electrolyte drink mix, snacks, a teether toy, and ibuprofen for Dad.

And for Dads not into carrying a bag at all, go with the Dad Hoodie. It features several secret inside pockets designed to store baby bottles, wipes, diapers, toys, and snacks.

25. A Set of Trackers

While mom brain gets all the attention, dad brain is no less a thing. When any parent’s brain is adjusting to hectic new schedules, chronic sleep deprivation, and juggling a hundred things at once, it’s easy to forget where they left their keys. A four-pack of Tile Mate trackers helps Dad keep track of them and anything else he consistently misplaces — from his wallet to his smartphone to the TV remote.

The set comes with:

  • 2 Stickers. These are perfect for attaching to the TV remote or any other small device, like his AirPods charging case.
  • 1 Mate. This one features a hole in one corner, which makes it easy to slip onto a key ring.
  • 1 Slim. This tracker slides into a wallet like a credit card.

An app on his smartphone keeps tabs on all his stuff. As long as it’s within Bluetooth range, the tracker rings loud and clear. And if he leaves it out of range, the app remembers where he last left it. Plus, if he ever loses his phone, he only needs to double press the button on any of his trackers to make his phone ring.

26. A Smartphone Sanitizer

From snapping cute baby pics to keeping track of feeding schedules to researching baby questions in the middle of the night, smartphones are a parent’s constant sidekick. They’re also well known for harboring germs — so much that a 2017 Time report looking at several smartphone research studies found they’re 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. But a UV sanitizer zaps 99% of those germs, which helps protect Baby’s delicate immune system.

27. An Instant Pot

A gift of premade meals is a huge help for any frazzled new parent. But at some point, those meals will run out, leaving them to fend for themselves. And while a slow cooker is an ideal way to make dinner prep simple, it’s easy to forget to dump in ingredients hours ahead of dinnertime. That’s where an Instant Pot comes in. The electronic pressure cooker allows tired parents to dump in ingredients — just like a slow cooker. But unlike a slow cooker, dinner is ready in 20 minutes or less.

That alone makes any Instant Pot a lifesaver for harried dads who handle the family cooking. But an Instant Pot Duo seven-in-one electric pressure cooker expands his options even further. It steams, sautes, cooks rice, makes yogurt, and even slow cooks for those days Dad remembers to toss in food in the morning. And Dad can set it and forget it. Its built-in sensors regulate pressure and temperature to keep food from overcooking. So he can focus more on Baby and less on dinner.

28. A Streaming Service or Device

New parents spend a lot of time sitting around holding their little ones, whether up at night for a feeding or keeping an eye on them during the day. To keep Dad awake and entertained during those times, get him a streaming device for movies and TV.

Although he needs to subscribe to individual streaming services, the Roku Ultra with included wireless JBL headphones gives him access to hundreds of streaming channels and services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, SlingTV, and HBO Now. Plus, it features 4K, high-definition, and high-dynamic-range video, useful search functionality, and lightning-fast speed. And with the included headphones, he can watch anything he wants without disturbing a sleeping baby.

If he already has a streaming device, subscribe him to a streaming channel. You can buy gift cards for Netflix and Hulu in any amount. But probably the best buy for a new dad is Disney+. At this budget level, you can get him a year’s worth of streaming. There’s plenty of content for adults on the service, including Marvel movies, “Star Wars,” and many animated Pixar creations adults also love. And although Baby is too young to understand anything that’s going on in a Disney or Pixar movie, that won’t last long. So it’s a subscription he can keep for a very long time.

29. A Custom Family Portrait

A custom family portrait is a unique way to commemorate the entrance of a little one into the family. Choose a photograph and have Nibiru Design create an illustration of the new threesome complete with custom background and personalization. Or celebrate Baby’s arrival with a custom family dance party print. Friends and family — up to 14 in total — shake it on the dance floor as the DJ spins your chosen song. Dancers are all customizable with hair color, skin tone, dance moves, and ages — from adults to kids to babies. And the messages on the DJ’s booth, top banner, and song title can say whatever you want them to.

30. Commemorative Jewelry

Commemorative jewelry is a wearable reminder of what Dad holds most dear. And a braided leather bracelet with a metal band customizable with Baby’s name suits any kind of Dad. Whether he wears it to the office, a campout, or a ballgame, it’s a classy way to display his dad status and looks right with any attire. Plus, if he has more kids, he can easily slide on more metal name beads engraved with each of his kids’ names.

Gifts Over 0

Robot Vacuum ;a,omate Wood Floors

In those first few weeks, months, and even years of parenthood, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. From getting used to new routines to sinking into their new life roles, new dads can use all the help they can get. A budget over $100 affords them a variety of helping hands, including cleaning services, meal services, and high-end tech.

31. Car Detailing Services

Many dads are fond of their cars. And kids — especially little ones — quickly destroy their interiors. From spilled drinks and snack crumbs to flung trash, Dad’s about to discover how dirty a car can get. Help him get the family ride as clean as possible before bringing Baby home in it or give him a gift he can hang onto for later. National Detail Pros and Car Detailing are two national cleaning services that come to you. Get Dad a gift card for either, and he doesn’t have to worry about leaving the house to get his car looking good as new.

32. A Robot Vacuum

Though Baby won’t be crawling around on the floors for a few months, a robot vacuum is a life-changing helper for when they do. Dad’s floors will stay free of debris, so he’ll never have to worry about what might end up in Baby’s mouth. Plus, when Baby starts eating solid food, it also keeps the perpetually crumb-filled area under the high chair clean.

The iRobot Roomba 960 is a midrange robot vacuum that cleans carpets and hard floors, under furniture, and in corners and along walls. Plus, it uses Wi-Fi mapping technology to map and clean an entire level of your home. And it works with Alexa, so Dad can have it vacuum using voice commands. He gets a clean floor whenever he needs it and never has to lift a finger.

33. A Smoothie Blender

Whether Dad’s staying home with Baby or immediately heading back to work, gone are the days of leisurely weekday mornings. But a Ninja countertop blender ensures he still gets in a healthy breakfast. It lets Dad chop, blend, and crush fruit, veggies, and ice with its eight speed settings. Plus, he can drink from the same cup he blended in with the included smoothie cups — which means one less dish to wash. And it comes with two, so he can whip Mom up a smoothie too.

34. A Gift of Groceries or Meals

A food or meal delivery service is another way to cut down on meal prep time and effort. A box of groceries means he doesn’t have to immediately figure out how to shop with a newborn, and a delivery of fresh restaurant meals means he doesn’t have to worry about cooking at all.

For groceries, go with a gift card to FreshDirect, a national service that delivers fresh produce, pantry staples, and gourmet treats straight to his door. Or get him the Omaha Steaks family-size stock-up box featuring family favorites like pot roast, ground beef, fried chicken, Italian chicken breasts, shepherd’s pie, lasagna, chicken sausages, and dessert.

Alternatively, get Dad the gift of ready-to-eat meals with a gift card to a meal delivery service like DoorDash, UberEats, or GrubHub, which delivers food from any participating local restaurant of Dad’s choice. Or treat him to the ultimate indulgence with a gift from Goldbelly. The service ships food from favorite restaurants around the country, including Carnegie Deli in New York, Prantl’s Bakery in Pittsburgh, and Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia. Just imagine how thrilled Dad will be when he opens the door to find deep-dish pizzas from the famous Chicago pizzeria Lou Malnati’s.

35. An E-Reader or Reading Subscription

When our son was an infant and it was my husband’s turn for night duty, reading books and comics on his Kindle kept him awake during all those nighttime feedings. Even better, he could read without needing to turn on the light. And he had access to a virtually unlimited library of books on one compact, easily portable device.

If all Dad wants to do with his e-reader is read, the Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal device. Its screen features antiglare technology. So he can see clearly, whether he’s reading in the dark or bright sunlight. Plus, its battery lasts for days, so keeps its charge for a long while, even if Dad forgets to plug it back in.

For more functionality — like surfing the web, checking emails, chatting on Facebook, or playing games — opt for a tablet like the Kindle Fire. It comes enabled with Alexa, so Dad can also access thousands of Alexa skills — including playing music, reading bedtime stories, setting timers and alarms, and answering questions — using no hands at all.

If Dad already has an e-reader, go with a subscription to Scribd instead. Easily the best deal for online reading, for just over $100, you can treat him to a year’s worth of unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of books, audiobooks, and magazines. And for only a few extra dollars per month, he can also get The New York Times.

Alternatively, for Dads who like to read comics, get him a subscription to Comixology. An annual subscription gets him a year’s worth of unlimited access to all the comics he can handle, including ones from Marvel and DC.

36. A Smart Video Caller

Once Baby arrives, everyone will want to meet them — including friends and relatives that live far away. Keep new dads connected to loved ones with a Facebook Portal. The hands-free device is Alexa-enabled, so it functions as a smart home hub — the same as any Alexa device.

But the Portal also comes with extra features specifically designed for enhancing video calling. These include a smart camera that automatically pans and zooms to keep callers in view, even if they’re moving around the room. And if more people join in, it automatically widens to include everyone. Additionally, it features noise-canceling technology that filters out background noise, so you can clearly hear people’s voices. And it comes in a variety of sizes, including one that connects to your TV and doubles as a streaming device. So tired dads don’t need to leave the couch to make a hands-free video call to Grandma and Grandpa.

And when Dad needs a break, Grandma or Grandpa can help out — even from a distance — using its Story Time app. It uses animation and augmented reality effects to transform callers so they can read a storybook as one of the characters.

37. A Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch

A fitness tracker or smartwatch also keeps Dad connected. The Fitbit Versa 2 features Alexa, so it doubles as a smart home device he can wear as he moves from room to room. It gives him access to everything Alexa can do: set alarms for middle-of-the-night feedings, check the weather or news, control his smart home devices, play music, and get alerts. It’s also one of the best fitness trackers out there. Even if he can’t get to the gym with a baby in tow, he can still count his steps, keep tabs on his overall activity, track his heart rate, and even analyze his sleep.

Alternatively, if money’s no object, get Dad the Apple Watch Series 5. It will quickly become his new personal assistant, as there’s little this watch doesn’t do. It can keep him entertained wherever he is with the more than 60 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks in Apple’s library. It’s also capable of replacing his phone, which means Dad can make a hands-free call with a baby in his arms or stream a lullaby while he rocks them to sleep. And if he wants to use it to track his health, it features advanced workout metrics, high and low heart rate detection, and an FDA-cleared ECG app for even more detailed heart readings. It also tracks his activity and inspires him to get up and move now and then.

38. An Amazon Prime Membership

Toting a newborn baby on a grocery run is difficult enough to make any new parent settle for yet another pizza delivery. And if it weren’t troublesome enough to manage the diaper bag, car seat, and grocery cart with the only two hands a parent has, there are also the germs to worry about. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic had us all thinking about them, doctors have been warning parents not to expose their babies to the “world” for the first six weeks because their immune systems are so new.

But an Amazon Prime membership lets Dad restock diapers and formula and have them delivered in two days (or less) with no shipping costs. And if he lives near one, he can use Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods delivery to get groceries delivered straight to his door in as little as two hours. Plus, if he has an Alexa device, he can order them hands-free. So he never has to worry about what to do with Baby and all their paraphernalia no matter what he needs from the store.

39. A Smart Doorbell

The best gift for a new dad is a sleeping baby. A Ring video doorbell lets Dad see, hear, and speak to anyone at his doorstep from his phone, tablet, PC, or Alexa-enabled device. And it sends notifications to his app-enabled devices whenever anyone presses the doorbell or triggers the motion detectors. That means no more loud doorbell chimes whenever a visitor arrives — and a baby that stays napping.

40. A Waterproof Action Camera

Life with kids is full of adventures. And while some of those are a few years in the future, the GoPro Hero 8 is an ideal companion for Baby’s firsts — like learning to swim. The fully waterproof camera is capable of taking stunning video and still photos in single, burst, or time-lapse modes, perfect for all those underwater shots. And with a battery life that gives him up to 90 minutes of continuous recording, he doesn’t have to miss a moment.

Final Word

First-time parents get inundated with gifts for the baby. And while they’re all highly appreciated, parenthood is stressful — especially new parenthood, which requires adjusting to a whole new lifestyle. And that means Dad could do with something that helps him feel special too — especially with all the sleepless nights headed his way. So while a new-dad gift certainly isn’t expected, a thoughtful one that helps him de-stress or more easily navigate parenthood is a treat.

What are your best ideas for new-dad gifts? If you’re a dad, what’s the best present you received?