7 Credit Card Facts You’ll Wish Weren’t True


Do you have a love-hate relationship with your credit card? After all, it brings you both pleasurable purchases and painful bills.

Credit cards are valuable financial assets – but cards and the companies that issue them aren’t necessarily your friends. Consider these seven things you may not know about your credit card as you reassess your credit card relationship.

1. Our Cards Aren’t Set Up For Maximum Security – Your credit card is likely an EMV card containing an embedded chip for enhanced security.Unfortunately, America doesn’t use their full security potential.

EMV cards were designed for “chip and PIN” use, requiring a PIN to be entered at each transaction. Many foreign markets use this approach, but most U.S. transactions don’t require PINs. This makes American cards more valuable to thieves, since it’s easier to make fraudulent transactions. If you would like to mon…

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