A How-to Guide: Sorting And Clearing A Cherished Home

When a loved one passes away, there are, unfortunately, many practical and logical considerations that require the setting aside of your grief just enough to tackle them. One such task is the difficult mission of handling and organizing a loved one’s home when they pass. If you need to do this or want to prepare yourself for the future, keep reading.

Never Do This Alone!

Unless you will find this cathartic, it is strongly advisable to bring a close and trusted friend or relative with you, particularly upon your first time visiting the house after the passing. Together, you can relive precious memories and be as emotional as you need or desire without spiraling into a destructive and ultimately detrimental place emotionally.

Additionally, be sure to give yourself as much time as you need before your start the process and never be afraid to take things at entirely your own pace.

Never Throw Away In Haste

Never is there a more psychologically heightened time in one’s life than when a loved one passes away, and this emotional turmoil can result in a person making snap decisions, often which are later proven to be the wrong ones.

Instead of clearing out each room and placing most items in charity bags, a far more sensible option is to hire an external storage space to store your loved one’s cherished and precious possessions. External storage suppliers such as https://www.storagearea.com provide a safe and secure storage option where you can keep your belongings for as long as you need.

Take A Secure Case For Important Documents

Before you begin to go through closets and drawers and organizing them into boxes and bags, it is crucial that you go through the entire property first and secure important documents, particularly any pertaining to the house deeds and other financial obligations. Upon the first read, this can appear callous and unfeeling, but the truth is quite the opposite as you owe it to your loved one to take care of their affairs sensitively and accordingly.

Their Financial Affairs

Essentially, your loved one’s estate encompasses everything they owned prior to death and includes any debts or payment plans they were currently involved with.

If you have been named the official executor of your loved one’s will, you need to pay special attention to their financial affairs and if you are not that person, ensure everything you find pertaining to your loved one’s finances are passed on to the official executor.

Be Sure To Take Time For Yourself

Confronting your emotions and dealing with the overwhelming waves of grief as you process your loss is exceedingly difficult for anyone, regardless of age or situation. These troubles are substantially compounded when having to confront the life, memories, and mementos of someone you love who is no longer with you.

Strive to maintain yourself physically as well as emotionally, and practice self-care as often as you feel you need to. Try not to bottle up your feelings; talking with a trusted friend or relative can be its own kind of therapy.