Abundance Meditation – Why Do We Worry About Money?

Residual Income Abundance Meditation


Abundance Meditation

All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas-not money.
~Robert Collier


Why do we worry about money? This is because we are human and this is human nature. We will all do this at times; so let’s look at some tools we can work with to move these fears into a better feeling place.

The first step is to become more conscious and soften these fears and heavy thoughts around money. Abraham-Hicks teaches us that when we are stressed about something, we want to go easy about it, as in “things always work out for me” and “I will figure things out as I go, I don’t have to know everything
now.” This way we can soothe ourselves and relax a bit. This may take time so keep working with it, do not give up. Even small improvements in “vibration” (how we feel) will yield positive results. Fear about money is a learned train of thought, brought on by copying our parents or others around us. We can learn a better way.

We want to remember that worrying about money is natural, and worrying actually keeps money and great ideas away from us. There are different ways to soften these worries. We must take hold of the fear and anxiety and talk it down. Fearful thinking is a habit and needs to be shifted to a more positive place. This takes work but we can do it.

I have created a soothing meditation for you that is meant to bring us back into our knowing that all is well and we only need to refocus our minds. That even at our darkest moments, the dawn is on its way. We need, as saying goes, to have the faith of a mustard seed. We can choose fear or faith, and we all know faith will get us much more positive results.

Incantations are also very useful. Simply start replacing the worrisome thoughts by chanting to yourself things that you know will benefit your mind and spirit. Positive incantations are Divine food for your mind and spirit. For instance, replace fearful thoughts with statements such as “Every day I am getting more healthy and abundant” or “I am a magnet for happiness and abundance”. Say these affirmations aloud when possible. The great Catherine Ponder states that affirmations need to be said aloud for 5 minutes a day to evoke positive results.

At first, it will feel like nothing is happening, but keep at it and you will experience shifts in
consciousness and as a result things will shift for the better in your life. When you say these statements to yourself smile your secret smile, take deep breaths and feel the abundance flowing through you. Feel your creating power. As they say “fake it till you make it”, as you make these divine declarations over and over with feeling things are sure to shift.

Or as Abraham-Hicks says just go “pet your cat” and distract yourself so you may get in a more allowing relaxed place in order to receive divine ideas and abundance. This is not always easy when we are nervous but with practice, we will get it. Like anything else practice makes perfect.

The meditation below comes from the culmination of two great books, the first is The Abundance Book, which teaches the lesson that our abundance is the result of “source energy” and that money is energy and will flow to us when we are open to receive. The second book, The God Memorandum is a classic masterpiece meant to remind you what a miracle you are. Remembering our Divinity and what a miracle we are creates great positive shifts in our self-confidence, always a good thing. The knowledge in these two classic books is combined here for you in a soothing, relaxing meditation.

Please enjoy.

Remember, that when we worry about money we are never alone as large portions of humans do this. The good news is that as we rise above fear (false evidence appearing real) and lift ourselves, we are actually lifting those around us. Our work is to remember how to master our minds. With daily practice and faith we may all shift these human fears to a better place and help ourselves, those around us, and even future generations. Please use the video below frequently to lift your mind and spirit to the abundant place it belongs. You are a powerful divine creator and deserve the best.


I send you peace and blessings,

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