Airline cabins will get an overhaul the next time you step onto the flight.

With pandemic ravaging since early this year and now the situation is returning to normalcy, airline cabins will be changed the next time you step foot on the aeroplane when you are flying.

Headrest canopy, fabric barriers between seats and changes in seating arrangement will be the new normal when you fly and they are forced to do the rules as the airline industry is trying their best to attract customers into flying.

The airlines after months-long of lockdown are desperate for the government to lift travel restrictions and passengers to return with providing un-compromisable health and safety standards.

Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH one of the biggest companies in the business has designed a range of modification to the cabin seats and it has designed to keep passengers apart and protect them from infection. And many airlines are considering to install Recaro Aircraft Seatings due to their easy fitting and quick availability.

“There is definitely large interest from across the different regions,” Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH said in an interview.

It is reported that the Global traffic of airline passengers is 80% lower compared to last year and with the vaccine for coronavirus years away, airline companies need to persuade public that it is safe to travel in an aeroplane.

Aircraft typically needs to be around 70-80% full in order to earn profit and nowadays, we see the planes half empty. However, with new seating arrangements, it should be easy for passengers to sit side by side without touching heads etc.

The Airline industry had already said that it is difficult to catch a virus on a plane as they use hospital-grade filters but due to some breakouts on flights, people are not trusting airline travel.

Even the seating manufacturer Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH is running under losses which last year sold around 150,000 seats for different airlines is now revamping with the changes brought in by the companies.

“Even if airlines aren’t going to buy new planes, they might go for new cabins that are more comfortable or adapted to Covid.” Said the CEO in a press release.

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