Are Pay By Mobile Slots The Same As Slots Online?


Slots Online

Gambling has undergone major changes in recent years and this has made the industry unrecognizable when you compare it to what it was like just a few years ago. The big changes occurred in the mid 1990s and this was due to a major technological breakthrough. The digital revolution saw the introduction of digital imagery and of course the invention of the internet. Microgaming who are a mobile slots UK and gambling software creator were quick to use the new technology on offer and they developed the first online casino software in 1994 and this went live in 1996. 

The uptake of online casinos by the public was huge and this led to hundreds of other online casinos opening. The problem was that there was nothing stopping these casinos from inventing their own rules and many punters suffered because of this. To bring order to the chaos, the UK Gambling Commission was formed and the purpose of this organization was to regulate and license gambling in the UK. This was vital to the safety of punters and as gambling has now gone mobile, even more people are accessing gambling sites on the go and the UK Gambling Commission is busy keeping all these customers safe too. 

Online Slots 

Video slots are big business and most new online casinos are more slots focused because of this. It is slots games that pull in the punters and slot machines keep casinos turning in annual profits that allow them to expand. Most online casinos now offer a mobile gaming platform that can either be downloaded courtesy of a mobile phone app or played on an instant play platform that can be accessed through popular web browsers. 

Mobile Slots 

Mobile gaming is very similar to online gaming and the only main difference is the screen size. Otherwise, the gaming experience is just the same and this is mainly down to the extraordinary development in the screen quality of smartphones. Mobile slots load quickly and spin smoothly and now most slots have been optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile gaming is popular because you are not restricted to gaming in your house in front of a desktop or laptop computer. You can take slots out with you and play them on the go or whilst commuting to and from work. Some casinos now have more mobile gamers than desktop gamers and those accessing mobile casinos through smartphones rose by 15% last year alone. 

Payment Options 

With so many punters choosing the mobile slots option to get their gaming fix, it is important that the same choice of banking options are made available to these players and not just to desktop punters. The ban on credit cards obviously also applies to mobile gamers but all other payment options are available to them and they are as safe and secure as instant play platforms. The only security issues would be public Wi Fi safety and the safety of your mobile environment.

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