Cities With Highest Credit Utilization Rates


How much of your available credit are you using right now? Experts generally suggest keeping your credit utilization ratio – the amount of credit in use compared to your credit limits – below 30% to keep your credit score high.

A new study from shows that many Americans are struggling to meet that goal, especially in the South. In 27 of the fifty largest metropolitan areas, the credit card utilization rate is above 30% – led by San Antonio, Texas’s average utilization rate of 35.1%. If the numbers are rounded, only fourteen of the fifty cities have rates below 30%.

Southern cities are well represented in the top ten utilization rates, including Birmingham, AL (33.3%), Memphis, TN (33.0%), Houston, TX (32.7%), Jacksonville, FL (32.0%), and Louisville, KY (31.9%).

The remaining four cities with top-ten credit ut…

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