Coronavirus Crisis Pushes Gas Price Below $2 in 25 States

Coronavirus Crisis Pushes Gas Price Below $2 in 25 States
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The average paid across the U.S. for a gallon of regular gas fell to $2.05 on Friday.

That’s 7 cents lower than it was on Monday — and the lowest national average price since at least 2016, according to AAA, which tracks gas prices.

In comparison, at this time last year, drivers were paying an average price of $2.67 for a gallon of regular gas.

The highest national average price on record for a gallon of regular unleaded is $4.11, a peak reached on July 17, 2008.

Why gas prices are falling

AAA, a nonprofit federation of motor clubs, expects gas prices to continue to drop, with the national average price reaching $2 soon.

One obvious reason for the trend is that there are fewer vehicles on the road in response to the coronavirus pandemic. AAA explains:

“New data from the Energy Information Administration reveals that with many Americans staying at home and practicing social distancing, gas demand dropped dramatically … last week.”

Also contributing to falling prices is a crude-oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Half of states have prices under

On Thursday, AAA’s state-by-state data revealed that the average gas price was already less than $2 per gallon in 24 states. By Friday, that was the case in 25 states.

The 10 states with the lowest average prices for regular gas as of Friday were:

  • South Carolina: $1.798 per gallon
  • Missouri: $1.795
  • Texas: $1.785
  • Mississippi: $1.770
  • Indiana: $1.763
  • Michigan: $1.755
  • Kentucky: $1.736
  • Ohio: $1.698
  • Wisconsin: $1.668
  • Oklahoma: $1.628

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