Customized Corporate Hampers

corporate hampers

corporate hampers

A business can grow only if it has satisfied clients since they are more likely to place repeat orders. Hence businesses of all sizes are interested in building long term relationships with their clients. One of the best ways for a business to show that it is grateful to its client for the orders it has placed in the past, and values the relationship is by sending customised corporate hampers.

While most businesses in Singapore send these hampers during Christmas and New Year, they can be sent to the customers anytime during the year, depending on the business profile.

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Typically the corporate hamper will contain chocolates, cookies, cake, pastries, sauce, tea and other gourmet items. However, based on the business profile of the sender and budget, the hamper can be modified to include specific items also. For example a fitness service provider or gym may send a hamper containing fruits, green tea and other wellness products.

A customized card or message from the sender can also be included in the hamper. The business can mention the items which should be included in the hamper, and the hamper provider will source the items from suitable suppliers after considering the budget of the sender.

corporate hampers
Since the main purpose of sending the hamper is to strengthen the business relationship, the packaging and items supplied will be customized with the branding of the sender. The gift baskets and wrapping material will have the senders brand name and details printed, so that it is easy to identify the sender. The gift baskets, tins or glass containers with the cookies, tea and other items will usually be retained for long, so having the company logo printed or embossed will help in brand building. The hamper can also include small gift items like key chains or pens with the company logo.

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The business who would like to send gift hampers should first prepare a list of clients or business associates to whom they wish to send the gift hamper. Then based on their marketing budget, they should decide how much they can pay for each hamper. While most companies send the same gift hamper to all the clients, some businesses have specific clients who are more important so they may choose to send more expensive hampers to the client.

The business can also specify what items they want included in the hamper sent to each client, so that the hamper provider can check availability.

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After receiving the inquiry from a business interested in sending corporate hampers, the hamper provider will usually make a sample hamper based on the budget and send it to the client for approval. The business can check the hamper contents, packaging and request changes if required. After the hamper is approved, the business will provide a list of recipients, the address to which the hampers have to be delivered, and the date of delivery.

During New year and Christmas, the hamper providers have more orders, so it is advisable to place orders well in advance, so that the hampers are delivered in time.

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Whether you are the business owner or the person your boss picked to be in charge of this year’s gift giving, it can be hard to figure out which of your clients to give to, and what to give them. But it’s an important process. Your goals in giving a corporate gift are both to thank the recipient for the business they have done with you already and to ensure that your company gets to the top of the list for their business in the future.

A gourmet gift basket puts fond thoughts in the minds of the customers who enjoyed the delicious gourmet food items in it, and keeps your business visible in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle.

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