Don’t Sleep on This: 3 Ways to Put Your Bad Mood to Bed

Bad Mood to Bed

Bad Mood to Bed

Has anyone ever asked you, “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?”

Well, the person asking probably thinks you are being a Moody Judy (no offense to anyone named Judy). Namely, the saying implies that a person is in a bad mood.

If you are tired of being asked that question and you are looking for some ideas to wake up some new energy, then you definitely don’t want to sleep on reading the rest of this article!

Don’t be alarmed. It is absolutely normal to feel all your feels and sometimes being in a negative mood is a positive thing!

But, if you’re constantly exhausted of being exhausted by these negative feelings, then you shouldn’t igsnore (we mean ignore) those feelings! Don’t hit the emotional snooze button on them because it is an absolute nightmare when you do!


Instead, allow yourself to open your eyes to the possibility that you have the control when it comes to laying down some ground rules.
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Here Are 3 Ways You Can Wake Up to New Perspectives and a Healthy Mindset:

We offer 3 tips that will help put your bad mood to bed for good so that you can rise and shine in your daily life!

By implementing some of the suggestions below, you are sure to wake up to a life that is refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized!

1. Go to Sleep on the “Wrong” Side of the Bed

Ironically, the first way to not wake up on the symbolic wrong side of the bed is to go to sleep on the wrong side of the bed so that you literally wake up on the wrong side of the bed!

Try going to sleep with your head at the foot of the bed for once. Who even said what side of the bed was right and what side was wrong? When you wake up, you will literally see a whole new view – for example, the artwork above the bed that you normally don’t see because it’s typically behind or above you when you fall asleep.

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Perspective is everything. You always get to choose the meaning you give to anything!

The goal is for you to be able to wake up and see a new view, a new angle, or a new position for whatever struggle that is currently interrupting your snuggle.

2. Don’t Wait for Sleep to Dream

The second way to not wake up on the symbolic wrong side of the bed is to dream – while you’re actually awake! When we intentionally externalize what’s going on internally by speaking, writing, drawing, or visualizing our goals and aspirations, then we give ourselves permission to act as if we already have them.

We get to feel all the wonderful feelings these desires stir up for us in that process! This is the key for manifestation!

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So the more we allow ourselves to consciously dream about the life ahead of us, and own our part in creating it, the more excited and hopeful we get, which can also help cultivate sweet dreams when we’re snoozing.

When you choose to dream when you are awake, you have something to look forward to every night before going to bed – new beginnings filled with purpose, passion, and possibilities! This mindset adjustment will help boost your mood and lift your spirits now and in the future.

3. Work on Your Bed Head

The third way to not wake up on the symbolic wrong side of the bed is to not keep everything bottled up inside your head.

Worry keeps us awake. For example, thinking about the bills, our to-do lists, the upcoming meeting or stressful presentation we have, etc. can lead to thinking too much before bed.

Instead, try to brush off as much of that stress before closing your eyes as possible so that the only brushes you’ll need in the morning are a toothbrush and one to detangle your tousled mane.

So before passing out, take a pass at writing in a journal. In this journal you can write whatever is on your mind at the moment, your to-do tasks for the next day, or your notes for that presentation. This will free up your mental space so you can go to bed with a clear mind.

When we stop the tossing and turning of thoughts in our mind by writing them down, it helps us stop tossing and turning all night too, so we can wake up feeling refreshed and empowered in our mindset, our attitude, and also our energy levels.
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Mindset Is Everything: The Takeaway

We’ve made it to the end of this article and it’s time to call it a day. The bedrock of what we’re saying is:

  • The only thing that should be down in your bed is your comforter – not YOU!
  • The only story that should be in your bed is your book – not the one YOU create in your head that causes sleepless nights
  • The only thing that should be skirting around your bed is your bedskirt – not YOU around your true feelings!

This isn’t intended to be a blanket statement, but the next time you find yourself falling asleep – literally or metaphorically in life – know that you have the power to wake up to how you want to feel by using these suggested tips. And that’s nothing to yawn at!