Heli Taxii ride experience in BLR

What’s the quickest way to reach the farther destination, it is by the airways and being in a cosmopolitan city, I have had a share of problems when travelling from my place to any other place as the traffic situation gets worse every single time and I always wished to get to the location on time via airways.

To offer this comfort Thumby Aviation has given an immersive experience of flying in the city limits by offering a helicopter ride. Known for flying helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for non-scheduled air transport operations after months of the period of lockdown I decided to take the joy ride offered by Helitaxii.

Helitaxii rides are led by veteran air force pilots who have rich experience in flying where Thumby posted zero-incident rides till today. They have rich experience of 40+ years in Aviation and 20+ in aviation consulting and the pilots have capabilities of flying in difficult and restricted terrains. The aviation boasts a setter roaster of experienced and passionate pilots who help you to keep you joyous experience.

Thumby Aviation offers Helitaxii ride for Airport transfer where you can go to the Bangalore Airport within minutes. This lane to the airport is known for traffic as you can get stuck for hours. I have particularly experienced this a lot and Helitaxii as an alternative can help you to reach the airport within a short span of 15-20 minutes.

Thumby also offers Private Charters where if you have multiple schedules and need to meet the deadline without getting stuck in the traffic then you can hire private charter where you can fly in style, safety and comfort. You can plan your trip with friends or family for an outing and experience it to the fullest without traffic is a hassle you can hire a private charter to reach the destination quickly.

One of the major help that Thumby Aviation can provide and critical is emergency services. We have noticed many rescue operations can be easily carried out quickly by Helicopters and the same is provided here. With bringing advanced medical care and medical competence to the location and shortening the transport time, the aviation helps to access the non-vehicular area or at a remote location where if you call for an ambulance it takes time to reach, a medical helicopter will be at your assistance and they help you reach for assistance immediately.With riding my joy ride at Thumby my no-travel bond was broken as I hadn’t had a trip since lockdown began and for my joy ride with Thumby, they helped me to explore the city for a short time.

Keeping safety in mind due to the coronavirus pandemic, they screen everyone for the temperature, provide sanitizers, also they disinfect the copter after every ride which you can assure that you are in safe and sound place without the fear of catching the virus.

For my short ride, I happened to witness the beautiful green location of Bangalore, the water bodies and movement of traffic which I happened to witness at the beginning of the year. It was an immersive experience for me however, I wished to experience more of the ride however as joy rides are limited I happened to enjoy the short time which I experienced after months.

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