1 Way to Get Free Fishing Gear

Free Fishing Gear

Free Fishing Gear

Fishing enthusiasts know their hobby can be quite expensive. The cost of keeping their gear in tip top shape as well as trying out new things can add up in a hurry. One would be crazy to turn down free gear, but the fact is there is free gear available, you just have to put in a little effort to find it. Below are five ways to get free fishing gear.

Field Test Fishing

Just by signing up, which is free, you are eligible to receive free gear and lures based on availability. Every member is entered into their weekly give away regardless of whether you’re a professional angler, or a weekend warrior. The website even displays what’s being given away that week.

Review Your Gear Newsletter

Sign up for a free outdoors newsletter and you automatically have a chance twice a month to win free fishing gear such as lures for bass, walleye, panfish, crappies and saltwater fish. They are a company out of the Midwest and won’t sell your email address.


This outfit claims to create genetically engineered bait to make catching fish easier. The website reads a little like an X-Files episode, but if you click on the “Learn More” Button under, “Sign up for a chance to test our bait for free,” you could be one of 50-100 lucky monthly winners to get free bait.


The website lists several different giveaways going on simultaneously. By entering a little of your info, you’re entered to win things like utility boxes, lures and even fishing line.


People give away stuff all the time for any number of reasons. They may have upgraded, selling stuff they don’t use anymore, or they might be moving. Check Craigslist often for people looking for a new home for their fishing gear.

Free is always the best price when it comes to adding to your fishing gear. Not only might these suggestions score you some free quality gear, but you might discover something you’ve never seen or heard of before. You might even have a bit of fun in the process.

How about you, Clever Friends, are any of you fishing enthusiasts? Have you used any of these methods to score free fishing gear?


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