How to Save Money on Your Wedding – Guide to Get Married on a Budget

Weddings are one of the biggest — and most expensive — events in many people’s lives. In 2019, the average wedding cost $28,000, according to The Knot’s 2019 Real Weddings Survey.

And that’s just the average. Imagine how much you could do with that much money if you applied it to your long-term financial goals as a couple instead.

Start your lives together on solid financial footing by setting a reasonable wedding budget and sticking to it. We’ve gathered our best tips on how to do just that.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

From the proposal to the honeymoon, you can save big on your big day (and help your family and loved ones save too).

Engagement Rings

Pricey diamonds are no longer a must-have for many modern brides. So find a ring your partner will love for a price your wallet will love too.

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Ceremony and Reception

Putting together a wedding involves many moving parts. And you can save money on all of them.

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Clothes and Beauty

Looking good on your special day doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

For Guests and the Wedding Party

The happy couple aren’t the only ones who shell out money on a wedding. But there are plenty of ways guests (including the wedding party) can save too.

After the Wedding

Tying the knot is just the beginning of your life together. Set yourself up for financial success with these tips for newlyweds.

Final Word

Your wedding is your day. Don’t give in to social pressure to spend more than you’re comfortable spending. Only you know which elements are most important to you and your significant other. All the rest are optional.

So have an intimate backyard barbecue, DIY all your decor, throw an off-season winter wedding, or whatever else you can dream up. What matters most is that you’re beginning your new life together. Why not do it with more money in your bank account?

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