Kundalini Horoscope: October 5 – 11, 2020.

Kundalini Horoscope

Kundalini Horoscope

The Moon is waning. She is rising later and later after sunset, and each time appearing smaller and smaller in the night sky. This is a week to turn inward. Look toward more meditative yoga practices as opposed to the more outward-directed, physically challenging ones. Our emotional reserves are waning this week as well. Be sure to take good care of yourself. Nurture yourself – especially toward the end of the week as the 4th Quarter Moon brings extra challenges with regard to relationships with others.

On Monday, the most productive time period is the morning. The Moon in stable Taurus helps to keep us grounded, focused and determined. This is a good time to finish tasks. Follow through. There is a stubborn feeling in the air that can help you push through blocks that previously seemed insurmountable. Take note that at 2:41pm EST (11:41am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course. For the next 9 and a half hours (pretty much the remainder of the day), our intuition is off and we have lost our sense of direction. If possible, use this time to tackle only routine tasks. Make no major decisions or plans during this period.

Tuesday is a good day to catch up on communication with others. Answer emails, voice mails, and other types of correspondence that have been left hanging. This is a good time to reach out to people that you may have lost touch with. Connect with siblings, neighbors, and those that you see on a daily basis. Use Tuesday’s Mercurial energy to ask questions, read books, and get lost in a magazine. What are you curious about? Follow that line.

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On Wednesday, be careful of getting too caught up in gossip or other business that simply isn’t yours. We have a tendency to latch on to other people’s issues and situations as a way to distract ourselves from our own challenges that need to be addressed. Take an honest look at where you are putting your focus. Where are you putting your attention?

How are you spending your time? If you need a practical solution to help keep your monkey mind in check, consider mantra. Go deep with your mind and cleanse your brain each morning with 2 ½ hours of “Long Ek Ong Kar”. Snatam Kaur’s single track album of this powerful mantra is exactly that. Connect with your intuition and let go of the chatter with this bij Adi Shakti Mantra.

The Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants For Healing

The Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants For Healing

On Thursday we are likely to wake up in a fog. Don’t make any big plans or decisions this morning. The Moon is void-of-course. It is best to sleep in and show up late to work. Any decisions made at this time will be mis-guided and mis-aligned. At 11:45am EST (8:45am PST), however, we are in the clear. For the remainder of the day, our intuition is strong – extra strong – thanks to the Moon in sensitive, psychic Cancer.

Take extra good care of yourself on Friday. The Sun is exactly square with the Moon, creating a good amount of tension between the masculine and feminine polarity. Relations with others are off. There is no way around it. Some are being cold, distant and perhaps a bit selfish while others are sensitive and easily hurt. There is a tendency to not be completely honest and open with true feelings, making it even harder to navigate the waters. Passive aggressive behavior results. Small issues can easily irritate and escalate.

There is a long lunar void-of-course period on Saturday. From about noon – 8:30pm EST (9am – 5:30pm PST), the Moon is checked out. So is our intuition. Make no major plans or decisions during this time. Interactions with others are off. We are out of sorts. Nothing feels right. Don’t take it personally. This will pass.

Have fun on Sunday. Find a reason to celebrate and then, go big. Dress up in attention-getting clothing even if you have nowhere special to go. Shower extra love and affection on your romantic partner. This is a good night for a date. Even if circumstances don’t allow you to go out, consider a take-out dinner by candlelight with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

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