The Meaning of Money


The Meaning of Money

Money is not simply money. Money represents power, love, joy, and much more. If it was just money, our “money problems” would be easily solved. We could just stop spending more than we make and live happily ever after!

To understand the problems we experience with money in adulthood, we must go back to our early years; we must explore the meaning of money in our own lives and the lives of our parents, since the attitudes each of our parents had about money more than likely shaped those attitudes we hold today. If we are in a relationship, our partner’s attitudes (not to mention those of his or her parents) must be added to the mix.

What did money represent in your family when you were growing up, and what were you taught about its uses?

  • Do thoughts of money bring up feelings of worry, guilt, anger, sadness, power, love, or joy?
  • Did your parents fight about money? Use money to control you or one another? Use money to show love?
  • Do you feel grateful for the money you have earned or acquired?
  • How do you decide how or when to spend it?
  • Do you give a portion of your earnings back to your church or your community?
  • What would you do with An Unlimited Amount Of Money?

The answers to these questions can set you on the path to understanding how your emotions influence your spending patterns.

For some, figuring out what money means to them may mean deciphering among the following feelings and misconceptions about money:

  • Power – Nobody can push me around, I will always have control of my life and be strong.
  • Happiness – I’ll be happiest with copious amounts of money.  Not having money causes all the problems in my life. If I have money, all of my problems in life will be solved.
  • Security – My safety depends on having money. The more money I have, the safer I am/My family is.
  • Freedom – Financial independence is all that matters. Once I attain this, I can work for myself, my life will be complete, and I’ll never have another worry.
  • Love – Having money makes relationships so much easier. If I have lots of money, people will love me more.


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