More of Us Focused On Losing Debt Than Losing Weight


Which would you rather do in 2019 – lose the spare tire around your waist or the excess debt dragging down your finances?

Americans clearly struggle with both debt and obesity. In late 2018, NerdWallet estimated the average American credit card debt at $6,929 for households with any credit card debt – part of a staggering $135,768 average including all debts (led by mortgages). Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control’s most recent statistics from 2015-2016 lists America’s obesity rate at just below 40% – and if you think more recent data will show improvement, fat chance (pun intended).

A new survey by finds that we’d rather have excess weight than excess debt. While 34% of Americans said losing weight was a 2019 priority, 41% said reducing debt was a higher priority. Perhaps the remaining one-quarter of Americans aren’t overweight or in debt – and if they are, they don’t mind being that way.

They’re also more likely to b…

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