Online Casino Cheats: Is There A Way? 

Online Casino Cheats

Online Casino Cheats: Is There A Way? 

When the first slot machine came out in the 19th century it offered entertainment like no other, but it also got gamblers wondering whether there was a way of cheating these machines. It wasn’t long before certain individuals were busy trying to work out what made these slot machines tick. 

Eventually, punters began to experiment with different potential cheating methods. These included using powerful magnets to make sure that the most valuable symbols lined up where it mattered the most. The very thing that made these early slots spin could also be manipulated. The lever that needed to be pulled to set the reels spinning needed only one quick swift pull. However, slow uneven pressure on the lever could help create favourable symbols to land in winning combinations.

Further Cheating Methods Before The Digital Age 

Richard Marcus once boasted that he was one of the best ever casino cheaters. He did make a lot of cash from casinos and was never charged with any crime. His specialty was cheating Las Vegas casinos out of thousands of dollars. His main scam involved Roulette where he would tamper with his betting chips and raise the stake of his chips if he won, by sleight of hand and hidden casino chips. 

He also scammed Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat tables as well. Although Richard Marcus was never convicted of a crime, he was banned from all Nevada casinos. He has also written a book about his casino exploits. Tommy Glen Carmichael is one of the most famous of all casino cheats. His method involved inserting a metal device in to the coin slots of slot machines and this would cause them to payout regularly. 

The Digital Age 

It is impossible to cheat a casino online as you are playing on a virtual platform and literally have no physical contact with any slot or table game. An RNG or Random Number Generator that cannot be seen or tampered with, controls all the spins. This means that you are at the mercy of the results of random spins. To cheat a digital game you would need access to it and insider knowledge of computer codes and RNG software.

Only staff that are qualified computer programmers and are put in charge of casino floors can cheat digital casino games. Ron Harris, a computer programmer who worked for the Nevada Gaming Control Board abused his position and cheated the casino s he worked for out of thousands of pounds. 

Bending The Rules 

The only way to cheat online casinos is by bending the rules and this is highly legal. The best way to do this is by joining as many casinos as possible and taking on all their welcome bonuses. Of course this involves depositing cash at various online venues, but each bonus is met with bonus cash that has wagering requirements attached to it. Some casinos also offer wager free complimentary spins on top of deposit match ups and this means that what you win is credited as real cash.

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Online Casino Cheats Online Casino Cheats

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