OpenText Making Electronic Signature Affordable for Small Business

Electronic Signature

OpenText, a leader in information management software and solutions, has extended its electronic signature offering to accommodate small businesses.

Small businesses can now use OpenText Core Signature for employee and partners’ signatures.

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OpenText Core Signatures

Collecting paper signatures can be a slow and cumbersome process. With the rise of remote working and the demise of face-to-face contact, signing documents remotely is becoming increasingly imperative. OpenText Core Signature overcomes the hurdles of paper signatures. It enables businesses to sign contacts, quotes and an instant, hassle-free way.

OpenText Core Signature is a SaaS application. Now, businesses of all sizes, can save valuable time in signature collection through digitized key approval processes.

OpenText Core Signature can also be deployed as an add-on to Open-Text Core Share. OpenText Core Share helps businesses stay connected and productive from any location with simple and secure cloud collaboration.

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OpenText’s embeddable electronic signing solutions allows developers to add signature capabilities to new or existing applications.

Muhi Majzoub, OpenText Chief Product Officer, commented on the expansion of the service:

“Successful and resilient organizations are digitizing processes and empowering remote workers with the tools they need to close business. Organizations of any size can deploy Core Signature for critical business processes, providing users the ability to sign documents within the applications they use most,” said Muhi Majzoub.

Electronic Signature Compliance

Businesses can have peace of mind the electronic signature service meets security compliance. Information is encrypted and every signing action is validated with hardware-stored digital certificates.

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Which Businesses Will Benefit the Most?

Businesses that rely heavily on the use of signatures will benefit from electronic signature software. IT and cybersecurity, accounting and tax, and the insurance sector are several industries that require large amounts of signed documentation.

By expanding the e-signature service, organizations of every size can benefit from a more practical and efficient solution to signing documents.

OpenText is offering a 14-day free trial of a standalone Core Signature offering. Small businesses can access the free trial here.

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