Palesa Mlangeni snap with Cassper Nyovest to make her ex jealous

Palesa Mlangeni

A woman recently took to social media to ask to be photoshopped into a snap with Cassper Nyovest in order to make her ex jealous. The woman, named Palesa Mlangeni, took to the notorious Ladies House group on Facebook to ask other ladies to help her make her baby daddy jealous. Palesa expressed that her ex left her and accused her of being good for nothing. The ladies from the infamous group did as Palesa asked and indeed photoshopped her into a snap with the Amademoni rapper. Palesa then shared the pic on her WhatsApp. She captioned it:

“King Mufasa. Thank you for yesterday.”

King Mufasa Palesa Mlangeni

A woman has asked to be photoshopped with Cassper Nyovest to make ex jealous. Image: @casspernyovest/Instagram

@DanielTshego/Twitter Source: Instagram Her ex, who is saved as Baba kaLuhle on her phone, saw the pic and lost it. Palesa shared the screenshots of the messages he sent her after he saw the photoshopped pic. In one of the messages, Palesa’s baby daddy accuses her of dating Mufasa.

“Just one misunderstanding already you move on! I love you and thought you will beg me to stay but wena instead date celebrities.” 

He then begs Palesa to come over so they could talk about what happened between them.




The ex also asks Palesa to bring his child so the baby could stay with his mom.

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