Planning Summer Travel According to Exchange Rates

When I first got married, it was in my mother’s house. We didn’t even have enough money to take a honeymoon. I always try to make up for it by taking a nice trip every year or two. Most people travel during high-peak season, the summer, without a care for how they can save money. Off-peak season is always a better time to travel when finances are tight.

Planning Summer Travel and Saving Money

However, you can also consider exchange rates when planning summer travel. I have been to Germany more than nine times, and I would lose all the money I had saved because of the exchange rates. If you get into a mindset of traveling to countries where the exchange rates work in your favor, you can have an incredible travel experience without draining the bank account.


$1 USD = 14,265 Indonesian Rupiah

Indonesia is a country of many extremes. Its citizens struggle with difficult living standards. Although the economy is slowly improving, especially with incrementally increasing tourism exposure. The country’s people are conservative and peaceful, although the cities can be hectic, vibrant, and bustling. There are live volcanoes and serene, white sand beaches.

Since the country has over 17,000 islands, you have many options for sightseeing. Some seasoned travelers can spend as much as three months exploring the country’s islands. Since you might have two weeks of travel time at best, you should consider your activity schedule carefully.

You can see the tri-colored lakes at the Kelimutu National Park. Or, you can visit the Indonesian version of Stonehenge, the 400 stone megaliths near Lore Lindu National Park. They are over 5,000 years old, and no one knows where they came from. Try snorkeling and diving in the deep, picturesque waters of the Bunaken National Marine Park.

For two people on a trip to Indonesia, you could live on a luxury budget of $80 to $150-a-day. Relative to a Western hotel, you can stay in a luxury hotel room in Indonesia for $40 or $50-a-night. A mid-range accommodation might cost $15 to $30-a-night.


$1 USD = 23,315 Vietnamese Dong

Vietnam has a dark history with the United States, and it has taken some locals time to warm up to the idea of Western tourists visiting their country. But attitudes are indeed changing. Ho Chi Minh City in recent years has become a magnet for international ESL teachers, telecommuting expatriates, and burgeoning technological innovation.

One of the more remarkable things that have happened in Vietnam is how the country has begun commoditizing its mid-20th-century war machine assets into tourist attractions. For example, for about $5, you can crawl through the Cu Chi tunnels. The Cu Chi tunnels are about 310 miles of hand-dug underground tunnels that comprise an underground defense maze system throughout the country. You can crawl through them and experience the history of warfare firsthand.

Or, you engage in windsurfing or kite-surfing fun in Mui Nes, a fishing village that is growing in popularity for its adventure tourism activities. You can also visit the ancient My Son ruins of the Cham empire that date back to the 3rd century. If you have $1,000 or $2,000 in spending money, then you can live like royalty. Luxury class accommodations in Vietnam start at $35-a-night.

Always Consider Exchange Rates Before You Travel

Over 75% of Americans willingly, or unwillingly, go into debt just for the sake of going on vacation. Sometimes they go into debt by as much as $1,100. A vacation is all about making memories, not debt. Always keep exchange rates in mind when you travel.

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