Prepare for Winter Driving With the Best Snow Tires


It is never enough to drive well. You need a well-maintained car that is equipped to drive well. Your car and your driving are only as good as your tires. Your tires may be designed for pavement, off-road travel, and even to protect against the effects of hydroplaning. Yet, do you regularly change your tires for wintry, freezing, and slush weather conditions? It’s an added expense, it takes time, but I change my tires based on compatibility with my car, the season and weather conditions.

Choosing the Best Snow Tires

There are primarily three kinds of tires that the average consumer buys. All-season, summer, and winter weather or snow tires. Most drivers buy all-season tires and use them throughout the year. It’s easier than changing tires according to the season, and they are relatively cheaper. However, they are not appropriate for summer and winter. Summer tires have horrendous traction in other seasons. Winter tires have great traction in winter and are best in wintry conditions.

Using the wrong tires can handicap your car’s ability to maneuver and function well since it is the only part of the vehicle to touch and grip the road. Frictional energy from motion is transferred from the road to the car and the vehicle’s occupants. It is important to always use the right tires for the right season and environment. Over 70% of the roads in the United States are in areas of regular or seasonal wintry weather conditions.

Also, your life can depend on it. More than 4,000 Americans have been killed in car accidents on roads during wintry weather conditions within the last decade. During the 2013 winter alone, 1,200 people were killed in car accidents. With such sobering statistics in mind, I have been trying out new snow tires. These are the best snow tires I’ve come across in my research.

Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905

These tires provide a great sense of traction when you are driving with its signature, road-gripping tread design. The two-ply polyester casing balances the car well. Especially when driving in less than ideal road conditions. These tires accommodate 6,430 pounds of weight, come with a 5-year warranty, and triple 3D sipes, or grooves in the tread.

The triple 3D sipes help to funnel and wick away water and slush when in motion. They cost about $175 to $230 per tire.

Pirelli Cinturato Winter

These snow tires were specifically designed to accommodate drivers of family sedans and coupes as they drive in wintry conditions. Pirelli Cinturato Winter tires feature a signature, arrow-shaped tread that improves road grip and motion through snow, slush, and frozen roads. They reduce hydroplaning risks and funnels away slush and water well.  Also, they come with a one year warranty and can sustain about 4,200 pounds of weight. They cost about $70 a tire.

Consider Your Signature Needs

Remember that you should change all four tires at the same time if you are doing so for weather conditions. Also, you should only use tires designed for use with your particular vehicle model, so look for snow tires for your signature model.

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