Readers respond: Got a job? Cut a check –

Still getting a paycheck? Then keep paying those who aren’t. My partner and I are lucky: We can work from home. And like anyone who likes to eat out without their kids on occasion, we are supported by a bevy of people who are not being paid because of the coronavirus restrictions. We should pay them. Do it because it’s morally right, or do it because you want restaurants and child care and piano lessons and barbers when life goes back to normal.

So if you’re still making money, instead of asking, “What can I do about income inequality?” — make a list. Who would you be paying if we weren’t in lockdown? Would someone be cleaning your house, cutting your hair, taking care of your kids? Send them a check. Call it paid sick leave that you and I haven’t been paying for all these years.

If you still have energy, write your legislators and tell them we need paid sick leave and a robust public health-care system. But don’t do that until you get on Venmo or PayPal or write a check. Restaurants are tougher; order out and leave a big tip.

Jennifer Schuberth, Portland

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