Review: ‘Star Wars: Life Day Treasury’ Captures the Galactic Magic of the Holiday Season 

As the summer heat dies off and autumn begins to creep back into our lives, thoughts have started to turn towards the wintery holiday seasons ahead of us. With holidays on our mind, Disney Books has released the perfect collection of stories to get fans in the holiday spirit with Star Wars: Life Day Treasury.

Star Wars: Life Day Treasury Captures the Galactic Magic of the Holiday Season

For those who may not be aware of Life Day, it’s a very special tradition that got its start among the Wookiees on Kashyyyk, before spreading around the galaxy from the Core Worlds out into the Outer Rim. Fortunately, George Mann and Cavan Scott have given a nice little introduction to the holiday at the start of the book, to bring readers up to speed with this tradition.

But Life Day isn’t the only holiday represented in the Life Day Treasury, as even droids have holiday stories that have been passed down to them, just the same as the Ewoks on Endor who celebrate the White Fall. Traditions like these are the backbone of culture and it’s exciting to see Star Wars delve into some of the holidays celebrated around a galaxy far, far away.

George Mann has been the architect of some of the most delightful short-story collections that flesh out the rich myths and fables that make up the cultural experience within the canon of Star Wars. His Myths & Fables and Dark Legends are must-reads for Star Wars fans who are desperate to learn more about the stories that their favorite characters have grown up with.

In addition to Mann and Scott, Star Wars: LIfe Day Treasury has been beautifully illustrated by Grant Griffin, who previously illustrated Mann’s Dark Legends. His art evokes thoughts of the holiday stories told to readers when they were children, the perfect combination of whimsy and realism.

While Stellan Gios, a Jedi who was introduced in The High Republic adorns the cover of the collection, the stories within are not bound to that era of storytelling. In fact, it spans the full breadth of history we already know about Star Wars. Friends on opposite sides of the war between the Empire and the Republic reuniting to reminisce about holidays past, Chewbacca and Han visiting Kashyyyk for Life Day, and Twi’leks clinging to their holiday traditions during dark times on Aaloth.

Life Day Treasury is a series of eight short stories that function as vignettes, providing readers with little glimpses into the special moments created by the terrestrial holidays in their favorite galaxy far, far away. It’s the perfect tie-in for any Star Wars era you love and will certainly make your own holidays a little brighter if you read them with a cozy blanket, a slow-burning fire, and a cup of hot cocoa — especially when Mann and Scott have already created tales that so perfectly encapsulate the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

Star Wars: Life Day Treasury is out on September 7th and is available for pre-order now.

Star Wars: Life Day Treasury


The collection perfectly encapsulate the warmth and joy of the holiday season


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