Scoring the Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales

They say that the phrase, “7-year-itch,” is a reference describing relentlessness, irritability, and discomfort in relation to marriage. However, it can also be a reference to mattress ownership. The average American keeps a marriage for a least 7 years, and sometimes a decade. There is no one-size-fits-all rule to mattress ownership or how long to keep one. Most people pay anywhere from $250 to $5,000 for their mattresses.

I had my current mattress for several years before I read that one must flip it over every few months, or annually, so that it doesn’t wear out quicker. Like a tire rotation for a car. When you sleep on the same side of the mattress for years the springs, box frame, or other interior materials just wear out much sooner.

Or, deep body-shape indentations in the mattress and surface tearing of materials can occur.
Most people pay at least $2,000 for mattresses Queen sized and larger. I have learned that you can save hundreds, or thousands, on a mattress by buying online and strategically waiting for holiday sales and certain times of the year.

Buy Online

First of all, get in the habit of buying online. As long as you research and know what type of mattress you want, you can get a quality mattress. You have options besides wooden box frames with metal coils. You can get a memory foam mattress buttressed by a firmer mattress made of a soft polymer. Or, an air mattress or waterbed. Buying online also helps you to save more money.

When you buy a mattress at a store, prices are usually marked up by as much as 60%. Online mattress stores ship direct to you instead of indirectly through a physical store retailer. You will usually pay $750 to $1,000 online for most basic mattresses, instead of $2,000 or $3,000 in a physical store. Or, less, if on buy online during certain times of the year.

Holiday Deals

The best times of the year to score deals and discounts on mattresses is on major holidays like Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of American Summer. Also, Black Friday, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Presidents Day. People have more free time, are not stressed out by work, and may be in a more persuasive mood to buy something.

The other best times of the year to buy a mattress is in late Winter and early Spring. Why? The main reason is that mattress retailers are clearing out their inventories as much as possible to make space for next year’s models. You can score discounts as high as 60%, or better. It always pays to shop around online during these periods of the year and compare prices.

Embrace the Efficiency

As I said, there are many times throughout the year that you can that can save on mattress purchases, but Memorial Day is one of the biggest. Also, you shouldn’t be wary of purchasing online, sight unseen. The mattresses you buy online are the same ones that you can buy in a physical store. Many online retailers even offer free delivery and product-returnable trial periods during holiday sales.

Even if you have to pay for delivery, you are still saving money considering you aren’t paying for a physical store’s 60% markup. And remember, you can search models online, instead of looking around mattress showrooms. Some online retailers even forego sales tax during holiday sales.

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