SEA Startups: Crowd-Sourced Challenges & Solutions During COVID-19

On the daily news, we often hear about how MNCs and big companies executives taking pay cuts, cutting costs, letting employees go and barely surviving.

Now what about the startups and SMEs scene which has been flourishing in this region for the past 5 years?

What does the situation really look like? Here’s a very quick and real lowdown.

How Will Startups Do In A Recession?

Source: SeedlyQnA

Amid the COVID-19 global meltdown, 21 founders from various SEA based startups from the SEA Founders got together for a “scramble” call on a Sunday morning over Zoom with Anna Gong (Perx Technologies) and Suresh V Shankar (Crayon Data) leading the discussion on issues and solutions to help each other tide through this difficult time.

The following notes are from a closed door 3 hour discussion to crowd-source challenges, ideas and solutions all of us are currently facing.

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