The Best Online Snack Stores with Free Delivery in Singapore

Feeling peckish but determined to stave off the midday munchies?

While your natural instinct might be to reach for the first packet of crackers you didn’t actually want, here’s what sometimes helps: a quick walk, or brewing a cup of tea or coffee strong enough to scald the senses.

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But if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em — with these relatively healthy snack delivery options, so you can munch without the guilt.

TL;DR: Online Snack Stores in Singapore (With Delivery!)

Here’s an overview of the best online snack stores in Singapore — from paleo-inspired and vegan options to Halal-certified ones.

WhereWhat’s StockedStarting PriceDelivery Fee BoxgreenBiscotti, nut mixes, mushroom chipsFrom $3.90 for 60g packFree with min. $30 spend Renew Snacks GarageNut butters, nut mixesSnack packs at $7.90 for 100gFree, no min. spend Nut butters from $13.90 for 180g SnackFirstNut mixes, cookies, biscuitsSnack packs from $6.90 for 200g

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