These 10 Gratitude Mantras Will Bring You Joy, Peace and Abundance

Gratitude Mantras

Gratitude Mantras


Let’s be real. Sometimes it can be hard to find an attitude of gratitude. This year has been full of the unexpected and overwhelming. At times it seems as if the world has taken one collective step into anxiety and stress.

Then add the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and you might find that you’re not feeling incredibly grateful this Thanksgiving . . .

Yet adopting an attitude of gratitude is so important!

Gratitude lifts our spirits and brings us into the present moment. It is the foundation of happiness, and as Eckhart Tolle says, it is also the gateway to all abundance. Gratitude reminds us of all the blessings that we have and often overlook.

Gratitude lifts our spirits and brings us into the present moment. It is the gateway to all abudance.

Thanksgiving and the Fall season is the perfect time to take a step back and focus on gratitude. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do so is by using mantras to help reframe your thinking.

Mantras are statements that we repeat to ourselves throughout the day, use during meditation, or along with breathwork during yoga practice.

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Mantras can include personal statements, expressions, or words spoken in any language. Using mantras in this form is similar to positive affirmations.

Gratitude Mantras

Here Are 10 Gratitude Mantras to Bring You More Joy, Peace and Abundance:

Use these gratitude mantras this Thanksgiving to cultivate an attitude of gratitude ?

1. I am grateful for who I am and what I have

This simple gratitude mantra is packed with meaning. It covers both the internal and the external.

It reminds us to love ourselves and be grateful for what we have become as a person. Then it goes on to cover expressing gratitude for all the tangible things that we have in life.
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2. I am beyond blessed

This is a pleasant reminder that we are enough, that we have enough, and that often we may even have more than we need. We may be stressed or want more out of life.

But when it comes down to our needs vs. desires, we usually find that we are blessed with way more than what we need to truly thrive. So this gratitude mantra also reminds us what we have is truly enough.

3. I am grateful for this season of change

During fall we see a lot of changes in the world around us. Beautiful autumn colors appear and then fade away. We too can use this season as an opportunity to grow or change as we need.

This mantra helps us express gratitude for the opportunity to change, thrive, and create what we want out of our lives. And it also celebrates the fact that when we don’t like the direction an aspect of our lives is going, we have the power to change it.
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4. I am grateful to be here and now

Taking time to meditate with this gratitude mantra will help you become grounded and appreciate the present moment.

This mantra takes stress away from your looming to-do list. It awakens us from completing our day on autopilot and helps us anchor into the here and now (and we can all use a little extra help with that during the holiday season!).

5. I am grateful for my health

We frequently under-appreciate our health until we start to get sick. Although fall is a time where we often fight allergies, colds, and the flu, it is also a wonderful time to stop and express gratitude for our healthy bodies and all they can do.

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6. I will appreciate and enjoy the simple moments today

Is it a beautiful day, is your puppy contentedly snoring in the corner, or was your cup of coffee particularly fulfilling this morning? These are all the simple things that we can overlook amidst our busy routine.

Use this mantra to expand your gratitude for the simple pleasures in life.

7. I am grateful for the ups and the downs

Life isn’t always easy, as this year has reminded everyone. But the stressful parts make the good parts even more beautiful.

Often, it is in the down part of life that we learn who we are and develop character and strength. Take a moment to express some gratitude for both the ups and downs. Acknowledging how together they make your life great, or at least interesting and meaningful.

8. I am grateful for all the good in my life

If you find yourself focusing too much on the negative aspects of your life, use this gratitude mantra to remind yourself that there is good in your life.

And it’s a powerful reminder that what we focus our attention on, grows. So even if you’re dealing with a lot of challenges, this mantra will help you maintain a greater perspective beyond what you’re going through currently.

9. I invite gratitude into my heart

This is a great mantra to use when you’re really not feeling very grateful about anything but have an open heart. Use this phrase when you want to be grateful, but can’t seem to make it happen.

After meditating with this mantra, you might find something you’re grateful for later in the day.

10. I am grateful for ______________

Sometimes simple is best. Choose one thing to focus on. It can be something basic like food, shelter, a comfortable bed, or personal like your spouse, parent, child, job, best friend or pet.

After focusing on one thing you are grateful for, you’ll find a new appreciation for the sometimes overlooked blessings in your life.

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The Power of Using Gratitude Mantras: The Takeaway

Here’s the key to using mantras: you must believe the statement for it to work.

Just repeating the phrase, “I am grateful for this season of change” 108 times won’t make you grateful if you honestly resent the season deep in your heart.

Find a statement that resonates with you. After using it as a mantra, you’ll start to notice your gratitude blooming throughout your day.

Use these gratitude mantras all season long, and you’ll notice a change in your perspective, joy, and appreciation for everything in your life.

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