Top 10 Sights and Attractions in Sicily after the Pandemic



The coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of businesses, jobs, governments, and tourism around the world. Many people who are fond of traveling could not travel this summer due to Covid-19. Places and cities that are famous for tourism also had to close down so that large crowds do not gather in one place. However, the world has started to adapt to the new normal by following rules strictly to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, and therefore, places are also open for tourists.

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Italy is very famous for its history, culture, traditions, architecture, and natural beauty. Another thing Italy is quite famous for is its train system. Italy, along with the whole of Europe has one of the best train systems in the world. Before the COVID-19 outbreak intercity traveling had been taking place for years and was popular with thousands of tourist’s year after year. Furthermore, certain routes such as Florence to Venice train had been run out of tickets in the pic season and tourists had been made to book tickets in advance to enjoy the beauty of Venice fairytale.

Sicily is a region in Italy which is very famous for tourists. It is one of the most beautiful and lively places in Europe, and everyone who visits Italy does not turn their back on this region.

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Sicily after the coronavirus outbreak of Italy:


Palermo is the capital of the region of Sicily. It is one of the most famous cities in Italy and perhaps in Europe. When you visit Palermo, you will get to witness the history and culture attached to the city, the region of Sicily itself, and Italy. If you are a tourist who travels to see the cultures and history of a place, Palermo is then the ideal place for you.

You can start your day by visiting the Palatine Chapel and Norman Palace if you are an admirer of European architecture then Corso Vittorio Emanuele, to admire the beauty of the exterior. Moreover, you can go to the Piazza Pretoria to see the refreshing Tuscan fountain. At the backside of the fountain are two famous churches known as La Martorana and San Cataldo. You can gain knowledge of the history of history and can capture great pictures to flaunt on social media.

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Segesta and Erice:

People say that your visit to Italy is not complete until and unless you do not visit Segesta and Erice. As far as history is concerned, Segesta is one of the most significant regional towns and trading centers. Now, you can visit the Temple of Segesta and Greek Theatre over there. If you are interested in natural beauty, Erice is there to satisfy you. You can do sightseeing and take a look at amazing views. You can see the Pepoli Castle and the Venus Castle as well over there. Furthermore, Erice is home to several churches as well.


Agrigento is another place where you can enjoy and have a great time. It holds a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Valley of Temples. Just a few meters away is the world’s best-preserved temple called the Temple of Concord. In Agrigento, there is a mountain that has naturally eroded into stairs. It is called the Stairs of the Turks. When you look at it, it seems as if the man has carved it himself, but it is completely natural.

Mount Etna:

Mount Etna:

Whatever Sicily tour you search, a common venue there will be Mount Etna. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sicily. Mount Etna is known to be the highest volcano in Europe as well. You will be dropped on Rifugio Sapienza on the southern slope. From there, you will walk on to other attractions such as craters and new craters and lava flowing from recent years of 2001-2003.


As far as tourist attractions in Sicily are concerned, the list goes on and on. The next place on the list is the lively city of Syracuse. It is a great city for sightseeing and exploring the different aspects of the city. The main attractions in this city are the Roman Amphitheatre, the Ear of Dionysius, and the Greek theatre, which is still operating. A UNESCO site is also in Syracuse known as Greek Doric Temple. It is on an island, and therefore, is extremely beautiful and can also see breathtaking views from there.

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Taormina is another historical town in the region of Sicily. Firstly, it holds Mount Etna. You must take advantage of the natural beauty over there and row towards the Isola Bella island to check out the colorful gardens.

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When you are exploring the city and sightseeing in different areas, do check out the Piazza IX Aprile, which is a popular square in town. If you want to go shopping for yourself and your loved ones, Corso Umberto Street is the best place for you. You can have a relaxing time at several cafes on this street as well.


Alcantara is a clean water river in Sicily. It has received positive reviews from tourists which is why it takes its place on this list. You can witness pretty and peaceful views of the site. If you are in for the adventure, you can go hiking and rowing if you want.

Rabbit Beach:

Rabbit beaches are one of the most famous beaches in Sicily. It has turquoise water. People say that the water is so clean that it seems it is transparent. You can also see the fishes swim in the water. On the beach, there are a lot of adventure sports. However, if you are in for relaxing and peace, you can have a great time on the beach as well.


This is an island among the Aeolian islands in Italy. This island has got a full package for you. On this island, you can have an amazing time on the beach. You can sit back, relax, and get a nice suntan. You can do hiking over here as well. However, the most exciting thing over here is the volcano mountain. You can do sightseeing as well if you want.

Aegadian Islands:

This is a group of five mountainous mountains. If you are at a little height, even then you can have a great. You can see greenery, vegetation, mountains, and beautiful blue waters as well. You can have an unforgettable holiday over here with pretty sunsets and low sea breezes.

Sicily is again open for tourists to enjoy and witness the culture and history of Europe. Make sure that you get one of the best Sicily tours that are within your budget and according to your convenience.

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