Upgrade Complete!

Well, that was unexpected.

After three very hectic months — three crazy months during which I managed to balance travel, speaking engagements, and writing — I essentially went dormant on October 15th.

It’s as if I were an electronic device that just received a major software upgrade, then had to shut down and reboot in order to resume normal functionality.

What do I mean?

For the past four weeks, I’ve done nothing. I sat in the hot tub. I read nerdy sci-fi novels. I watched nerdy sci-fi movies. I played videogames. I walked the dog.

Every morning, I’d sit down at my computer to write…but after an hour or two of answering email and/or curating articles, I’d somehow find myself in the spa again. I’d watch a movie (or Star Trek: Discovery), then get out and do some chores or run some errands.

I haven’t written anything substantial in weeks. But I don’t feel guilty about it. I needed the break. I needed to “upgrade” my internal software.

Now, though, I’m rested and ready to resume my normal routine. Good thing, too. In addition to sharing money stories with you folks, I’ve committed to a major project that I need to start (because I’ve neglected that for a month, too). I’ll be creating a five-hour audio course on the fundamentals of financial independence and early retirement.

So, this is just a quick note to let you know that yes, I’m still here. And I’ll be back early next week with an actual article or two! In the meantime, I hope that all is well in your world…

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