With Zoho Recruit Finding Employees Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Finding and hiring the best employees doesn’t have to be difficult. Zoho Recruit streamlines the process.

How does Zoho do it? Zoho Recruit uses a collaborative platform that engages all users, including the applicants. The cloud-based tracking system is easy to use. It has elements that are specific for type of employer, staffing agencies, corporate HRs and temporary workforce seekers.

Zoho rolled out the first version of Zoho Recruit in 2009. It’s revamped Zoho Recruit five times since then. Zoho Recruit is used by more than 6,000 businesses worldwide.

If your company hasn’t yet branched into using remote recruitment, Zoho Recruit has a kit for you. The kit helps you set up any resources you may need.

What’s In the Zoho Recruit Upgrade?

The most recent upgrade is a direct response to current needs, for both employers and employees. Here are some specific challenges addressed in the new Zoho Recruit:

Existing Hiring Strategies Didn’t Work

The pandemic left scars on the job market, said Kruthi Pranesh, Zoho’s Product Marketing Manager. Employers and employees faced uncertainty as jobs were at risk.

What does the future look like? Candidate behavior is changing as employees make an increasing canvas for remote work. Candidates also are updating their skills, adapting to be more qualified for jobs that are available.

In short, finding and hiring is in a constant state of flux. Online recruitment marketing has never been so important, for employers and employees.

Talent Experience and Management

Businesses can assess more candidates in less time. For businesses that are hiring, the first step is online candidate screening. Candidate Screening can be the most time-consuming part of the process for employers. Zoho Recruit handles that step.

After the online candidate screening, all stakeholders of the company can be involved with the hiring process, working remotely and collaboratively. The process is streamlined and unified.

Everyone involved in the process, including the applicant, is kept in the loop with results, each step of the way. Employees can check the status of applied jobs and update their resume at any time.

In addition to management of online candidate screening and video interviews, Zoho Recruit can handle additional communication needs such as offer letters.

Job Postings and Interviewing

Zoho Recruit manages to use an automated process yet maintain the human element. Video interviewing is a mainstay of the process. Candidates and recruiters can work through the interview process on their time, in different time zones.

“Employers can send a link with questions during the interview,” Pranesch said. “Each interviewer can do that as needed.”

For applicants, Zoho Recruit has a candidate portal that matches up with mobile recruitment. The candidate portal is an advanced career site, which creates a detailed snapshot of the candidate. This helps unite employers and applicants.

Key Focus Areas

Zoho Recruit tailors the product for key areas, including staffing agencies, corporate HR and those seeking a temporary workforce.
For each of those areas, the process includes attention to audit and compliance requirements.

“At Zoho we wanted to be sure the process is inclusive and collaborative,” Pranesch said. “Everybody has an equal right to a job.”

By separating the key focus areas, Zoho Recruit matches company needs with the candidate who has the best experience for the job.

The key focus areas have unique components. For example:

For Staffing Agencies – Zoho Recruit includes a Blueprint, which shows users what actions need to be taken, and when.
For Corporate HR – Employee referrals are welcomed as part of the process.
For Temporary Workforce – Zoho includes “Time to Timesheet” feature, which allows management of timesheets across temporary employees and jobs.

Collaborative Hiring

The hiring process works for recruiters and employees.

The recruiter or hirer benefits from the Zoho Recruit powered matching. Zoho Recruit streamlines the process. The video interview process is engaging for hirer and applicant.

Through the portal for clients and/or applicants, all are updated on the status of interviews, and can provide feedback. All can track the interview process. The client can provide an overall recommendation rating and add comments.

Sharing Candidates

Staffing Agencies can share candidates with other agencies. If the candidate is hired by the other agency, the original agency receives a commission (variable).

What Does Zoho Recruit Cost?

Fees are monthly and range from $25 to $50.

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