3 Exfoliating Treatments To Offer at Your Salon

3 Exfoliating Treatments To Offer at Your Salon

While your salon probably already offers many popular services, it never hurts to expand them. Expanding your services can help bring in new customers and allow existing customers to enjoy more treatments at your salon. Exfoliating treatments are popular right now, so offering them at your salon is a great way to easily bring in new customers. Keep reading to learn about three treatments your various clients will want.

Body Scrub Treatments

People can buy body scrubs at the store and use them at home, but there’s nothing like a professional body scrub. Your salon can turn this into a luxurious experience with scented body scrubs that provide different experiences, such as a relaxing lavender and honey sugar scrub. Workers can gently work the scrub into their client’s skin, allowing the sugar to break up the dead cells on the surface. Washing away the scrub will reveal a new, soft layer of skin that clients will love. Offer a variety of exfoliating scrubs, so people keep coming back for more.

Soft Waxing Treatments

Professional waxing is a sought-after salon service that you should consider offering, even if there are similar salons in your community. Your loyal customers will love that they can now come to you for their waxing needs. New customers who only want waxing services may decide to try your salon and fall in love. You can offer various waxing services using whichever wax type your stylists feel comfortable with. However, one of the pros of soft wax is its exfoliating properties, so clients may prefer it over its counterpart.

Microdermabrasion Treatments

While many salon clients already know about body scrubs and waxing, they may not have heard of or tried microdermabrasion treatments before. Microdermabrasion started in the 1980s in Italy but is still relatively new for many in the U.S. It uses a minimally abrasive sanding instrument to remove the thick outer layer of skin, improving pigmentation, acne scarring, fine lines, and more. Your estheticians may need additional certification to perform this treatment, so research the rules in your area before buying the equipment. Once your workers are ready, you can educate clients on this exfoliation treatment so they’ll feel comfortable choosing it.

Body scrubs, soft waxing, and microdermabrasion are three great exfoliating treatments to offer at your salon. When you first add them to your services, consider polling customers after their experiences. This data will help you know if you’re on the right track or decide which services may need to change.

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