6 Reasons Your Home’s Siding Looks Unsightly

Buying your first home was daunting, and now you must take responsibility for all the maintenance on the property. The first thing you notice is your home’s lackluster siding. Perhaps there are gaps, cracks, mold growth, and more that are unappealing.

Fixing the siding is the first step to reinvigorating your home. However, you must uncover the reasons why your home’s siding looks unsightly in the first place to make the necessary improvements.

Poor Installation

Poor installation is an unattractive appearance full of gaps, warping, and improper alignment. But cosmetic issues aren’t your only concern. This oversight can lead to poor insulation and moisture infiltrating the house.

To protect your home’s outward presence and the foundation of the home, have a professional inspect the property. Determine the necessary repairs and enjoy living in a home that looks great and is protected.

Damp Conditions and Minimal Sunlight

Mold, moss, and algae can thrive in humid and hot environments when paired with areas of the home that don’t receive ample sunlight. These growths look unattractive and can cause structural damage to the siding over time.

Regular cleaning with appropriate solutions can prevent these organisms from taking hold. In some cases, you may need professional cleaning services to thoroughly remove stubborn growths and restore your siding’s appearance.

Impact From Nearby Trees and Shrubs

While lush greenery can enhance the beauty of your home, trees and shrubs can also damage the siding. Branches scraping against the surface can lead to scratches and dents, while falling leaves and debris can create moist environments that encourage mold. Regularly trimming back vegetation and maintaining a clear space around your home’s exterior can prevent these issues.

Fading Colors Due to Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes siding to lose its luster. The old and worn appearance is particularly common with darker shades that absorb more heat and UV rays.

To combat fading, consider investing in UV-resistant siding materials or applying a protective coating. Additionally, repainting your siding can refresh its appearance and offer added protection against the sun’s rays.

Damage From Unkept Gutters

Neglecting your gutters can have a domino effect on your siding. Blocked or damaged gutters can lead to water overflow.

This is one of the less obvious causes of your home’s unsightly siding. Nevertheless, diagnosing the reasons your gutters aren’t draining is a step in the right direction to refreshing your gutters and your siding for lasting results.

Age-Related Wear and Tear

Just like any other part of your home, siding will experience wear and tear as it ages. Materials become brittle, fade, and lose their shape. While aging is inevitable, a replacement is the best solution when a little maintenance can’t fix the siding’s horrendous appearance.

If there are solely cosmetic complications at large, you can fix those on your own. Trimming trees and shrubs, pressure washing, and painting a fresh coat are simple. However, more severe damage demands the assistance of a professional. They will guide you through the necessary repairs to revive your home’s siding.