How To Achieve a European-Style Home on a Budget

How To Achieve a European-Style Home on a Budget

European interior design doesn’t require a large budget. In fact, you can transform your home with simple changes! Learn how to achieve a European-style home on a budget with this guide.

Purchase a Minimalistic TV Unit

Although TVs and entertainment centers did not exist in Victorian-era homes, modern properties have TVs, gaming consoles, and other technology. Cater to modern entertainment with a minimalistic TV unit.

This wall-mounted structure has simple designs, opaque drawers, and suitable space for televisions or other technology. The simplistic yet attractive appearance makes minimalistic units a perfect addition to modern European-style homes.

Incorporate Different Fabrics

Incorporating different fabrics into your home can help you achieve a European style on a budget. Fabrics like cashmere, velvet, and silk are iconic elements in European home décor. You can integrate them into your furniture and fixtures.

Throw a silk pillowcase over your couch pillows, add velvet drapes to the living room, or give your bedroom a vintage vibe with lavish silk tassels on the curtains. Remember to add fabrics in dining areas, such as cloth placemats or soft rugs.

Integrate Pastel and Neutral Hues

Pastel and neutral hues can transform your home with European flair because they emphasize modern designs. European styles incorporate a “less is more” way of design. Monochromatic colors emphasize elegance and make décor the focal point of a room. Consider complex hues like Soft Chamois, Swiss Coffee, or Cardoso Sandstone when adapting a neutral color palette. Doing so makes your home look more luxurious.

Consider a Library Wall

Europe has countless museums, libraries, and charming structures. Pay homage to European architecture with a library wall inside your living room or office. Choose deep shades, like mahogany or cherry wood, for the shelves to give your space a “royal” look.

Remember to enhance the space around the wall! Place an upholstered chair or accent footstool next to the wall for an elegant touch. Library walls are great conversation starters when hosting gatherings and can encourage reading in your household!

Select Elegant Lighting

European lighting is elegant, intricate, and warm. Ditch new-age illumination, like LED strips, for something classic. Consider chandeliers, Tiffany lamps, or handmade light fixtures. You can pair fixtures with adorning hardware like brass or crystal for a refined finish. European-inspired lighting is visually pleasing and timeless!