How To Ensure Your Packages Arrive Intact and On-Time

Even in the age of the internet, most transactions happen in the real world. Namely, once people order your products, someone must deliver them. Life and circumstances don’t always allow you to handle this part of the process yourself. Fortunately, there are several ways to combat the possibility of your package theft and product damage. Learn a few tips on how to ensure your packages arrive intact and on time. Take notes and talk to your carriers about other things you can do to improve your mail-order business.

Check and Double-Check

Security and deliverability begin in your warehouse or mailing center. Establish a system of checks and balances in your packaging, labeling, and preparation for delivery. Have your employees double- and even triple-check labels, their position and adhesion to the package, and the proper amount of postage. Make sure packages weigh as much as they should, and ensure you use the appropriate packing material and outside wrappings. Keep in mind that missing a single letter or digit can delay a package.

Track the Orders

All the major shipping companies and the United States Postal Service offer package tracking services. For a slight fee, you, the company, and the customer can all “see” the package’s current whereabouts online every step of the way. Many customers appreciate and even insist on this service. It’s good for your own peace of mind since you’ll know what to tell disgruntled clients if they contact you looking for their package.

Get the Details on Delivery

When collecting delivery information from customers, even when using an electronic form, you must perform due diligence. Once the package arrives, where should the carrier leave it? Ask your customers if they have special delivery instructions. After all, some apartment complexes have special arrangements for delivering packages. For example, they may need carriers to drop off deliveries in a locker or special room. Additionally, customers might want a friend or relative to sign for the delivery or to have it sent to a separate address for some reason or other. Make it easy for them to let you know about alternative arrangements.

Rain, Snow, Sleet, and More

If you’re still wondering how to ensure your packages arrive intact and on time, here’s one more tip: watch the weather and news. You can’t always predict what life and the world will throw at you, your customers, and their goods, but you should stay informed and flexible. Watch the weather and news for occurrences and events in your customers’ neck of the woods that might interfere with delivery and adjust accordingly. Emergencies can divert and even destroy packages. Make sure you can offer alternative delivery to your clientele.