How To Prevent Damage to Your Product Packaging

How To Prevent Damage to Your Product Packaging

The packaging on your products is the barrier between outside elements and the item inside. It’s essentially the material that protects your products the most. Therefore, preventing damage to your product packaging is essential to avoid ruining anything inside. Keep reading to review what type of damage is common to packaging and how to avoid it.

Choose the Right Size Box To Avoid Crushing

The sides of packaging can become crushed due to excessive force or mishandling. This is often due to choosing the incorrect size package. When there’s empty space within a box, it can easily become crushed during shipping, ruining the packaging and leading to product damage. Choose the right size boxes to ensure your products fit snuggly without movement to avoid crushing damage as much as possible.

Find Sturdy Materials To Prevent Punctures or Tears

Punctures or tears in packaging can wreak havoc on the product inside because they make it easier for outside elements to make their way in. For example, if the package carrier accidentally tears a hole in a box, rodents and pests can easily make a home inside. To prevent this damage, find sturdy packaging materials, such as rigid cartons or corrugated cardboard, that are durable enough to resist punctures.

Use Coatings To Protect Against UV Damage

Your business might not consider the potential of UV damage, but it can cause brittleness and a loss in aesthetics. Protecting packaged foods from UV light is especially important because exposure can cause adverse effects on the taste, color, and odor of the food. We recommend working with a custom packaging supplier so that you can specifically tailor your packaging to your needs. Add a UV coating to the packaging material to help thwart UV light damage.

Consider Waterproof Materials To Avoid Water Damage

To prevent water damage to your product packaging, you should consider using waterproof materials or taping the seams of your boxes. You can’t fully prevent water damage with materials like corrugated cardboard, but you can help avoid it by wrapping your product inside a poly bag. Now, if your box gets wet amid transport, the product inside will not. You might also tape the interior and exterior seams of the box to prevent the package from completely falling apart from water or moisture.

Avoiding and preventing the above damages is paramount for protecting your product inside. You can further guard your packaging by adding fragile labels to the outside of the box, performing trial runs, and strategically packing the items inside. What do you find to be the most helpful advice when preventing damage to packaging?