Maintenance Checklist for First-Time Homeowners

Maintenance Checklist for First-Time Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is a huge accomplishment, but it can also be stressful. Between moving in and buying new furniture, homeowners have a lot on their plate, and things could fall through the cracks. Home maintenance could easily take a back seat to the rest of your responsibilities. But here’s a maintenance checklist for first-time homeowners to keep them on track.

Mold Check

First-time homeowner or not, no one wants to deal with mold or mildew in their home. Mold needs to be the first thing you check for and continuously check. Overlooking a mold outbreak in a home could lead to serious health problems.

Check the areas of the home with the most water usage. Make sure there are no leaks, spills, or possible cracks. You should have the history of the home and information about old floods or water damage.

If the home has dealt with those issues, scan the walls with a water damage detector. Finally, remember to check the crawl space for water damage.

HVAC Check

Checking the air is right up there with checking for mold. The HVAC system controls the air circulating throughout your home, so it needs a lot of attention. Check the system when you first move in, but the HVAC system needs preventative maintenance, too.

Change the filters when you first move in. There’s no telling what grime and dust the filters have collected over the years. You also don’t want to deal with an overly priced utility bill because the HVAC system is working overtime.

Turn off the system, pull the filters out, and inspect them for dust and dirt. If they’re dark, you need to replace them.

Furnace Check

Next, you want to check the furnace. It would be terrible for the heat not to work during a wave of cold weather. A broken furnace will also suck up energy and emit harmful carbon monoxide. During the furnace check, make sure you give the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors a look too.

If you’re not sure how to run the inspection safely, call a professional. They’ll have the tools and the knowledge. You don’t want to run the risk of a carbon monoxide leak.

Check these areas every fall, especially the furnace. Doing so right before the cold air hits is always best.

Security Check

People are watching when new homeowners move in; make no mistake about it. Thieves will assume that they don’t have property security in place, and that’s the best time for them to strike. Don’t fall victim to these crimes.

If the home doesn’t already have security measures in place, install them. Go for a standard alarm on all the entrance and exit doors and the ground-floor windows. Check the caulk on the windows, too. Make sure the seals are tight and still intact.

As a first-time homeowner, you’ll need to run through this maintenance checklist more than once. Don’t limit it to the move-in day.

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