2023 Commercial Bathroom Trends That Are Here To Stay

2023 Commercial Bathroom Trends That Are Here To Stay

Are you interested in boosting the functionality and appeal of your building’s facilities? Here are some 2023 commercial bathroom trends that are here to stay and worth considering for your own lavatories.

Open Layouts

Open-concept designs are quickly becoming the most popular layouts for commercial and residential spaces alike. Based on the ancient belief of feng shui and popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright hundreds of years later, open-concept designs allow the occupants to perceive the space as being larger. Open layouts provide patrons with a relaxing, welcoming, and productive environment when implemented in a commercial bathroom. The key to designing an open-concept restroom is eliminating any unnecessary walls that impede the natural flow of the space. Additionally, avoid massive and imposing decor that detracts from the open layout.

All-Gender Water Closets

All-gender water closets are, in some respects, the opposite design of an open layout. Instead of one large space full of male or female stalls, bathroom spaces are converted into individual water closets for any building occupant. Basically, one restroom with six stalls becomes six private lavatories. And while this design is less flowing compared to open layouts, it’s infinitely more inclusive. All-gender water closets eliminate binary lavatories, instead providing a comfortable and private space for every occupant. Plus, these smaller restrooms are far easier to maintain, restock, and clean throughout the day.

Antibacterial Building Materials

In any commercial building, it’s important to maintain the facilities to prevent restroom odors. To help with this, many businesses are implementing antibacterial building materials in their commercial bathrooms. Metals like copper feature antibacterial characteristics and are easier to clean than many other building materials—copper is ideal for fixtures like sink faucets, door handles, and grab bars. Not to mention, copper is an incredibly stylish and popular design element in 2023, making it the perfect one-two punch for any commercial restroom. Other examples of antibacterial building materials worth considering include certain wood species, copper alloys such as brass and bronze, and antimicrobial ceramics.

These 2023 commercial bathroom trends are here to stay—get ahead of the competition by considering similar renovations for your building’s facilities today. Ultimately, certain restroom modifications will boost occupant morale and, as a result, enhance your business’s success.