4 Tips for Creating a Small Open-Concept Kitchen

Your dream home doesn’t just fall into your lap. Most of the time, you need to work around your home’s existing layout to make your design vision a reality.

It can be challenging to create open-concept kitchens in smaller homes. Don’t stress! These four tips might help you create the open-concept kitchen that you’ve been looking for all this time.

Paint With Light Colors

White is the hallmark of a classic, modern kitchen. White kitchens feel clean and bright, but that’s not the only light color that will enlarge your kitchen. If you love experimenting with colors, there’s more you can do than paint with light neutrals.

Sage green creates a natural, earthy sensation, while yellow emulates a shimmering, sunny atmosphere. Pastels are your best option to effortlessly enlarge a small kitchen.

These color ideas apply to both the walls and kitchen cabinets. Find paint samples you think could work and decide which colors would work best on the walls or cabinets.

Try Two-Tone Cabinets

The best time to paint kitchen cabinets is the moment the old color no longer adds value to the home’s design. When you’re trying to maximize the space and make the room feel open, your old cabinets won’t suffice any longer.

Try something new, like two-tone cabinets, to add more depth to the space. This design option is an emerging popular choice for many homeowners. When smaller kitchens use the same dark colors throughout, it shrinks the space. While the physical square footage doesn’t change, the design alters the mood of the room.

Two-tone cabinets can help resolve this issue. Pair white cabinets on the top with a color of your choosing on the bottom section of the cabinets. Remember to stick with the lighter color palette on this project to make the kitchen feel more open.

Tear Down a Wall

Sometimes, the best way to create an open-concept kitchen in a small space is to tear down a wall blocking your sight to the living room. When you have a small kitchen area, you need all the storage you can get.

One solution is to keep the lower cabinets and tear down the upper cabinets. You may lose some storage on the top section, but the amount of visual space you’ll open up is worth it!

You can also try to extend the countertop on the cabinets to create a small eating area. It’s a quick fix to deepen the connection between the spaces.

Extend Cabinetry and Shelving Into the Living Room

Storage is a must when space is limited. To connect the kitchen and living room, consider extending shelving and cabinetry through the space. Built-in cabinets act as an entertainment center for many living rooms. When you need storage and want to enhance the home’s design, consider built-in bookcases or cabinets that match the color of the kitchen cabinets and will fit seamlessly into the space’s overall design.

A small home doesn’t have to lack a cohesive design or spacious feel. Make the most of your home with these helpful tips, and build your dream open-concept space!

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