5 Ways To Prevent the Risk of Fires Inside Your Home

5 Ways To Prevent the Risk of Fires Inside Your Home

House fires can put your home at risk, yet they occur quite frequently. These fires commonly start because of cooking, portable heaters, electrical issues, smoking, and candles. Preventing the risk of fires inside your home is paramount for the safety of the structure and your family. Prevent the risk of fires with the advice in this article.

Don’t Leave Your Fireplace Unattended

Whenever you’re burning a fire in your fireplace, you should remain inside the room for the duration of the fire. If a spark or ember pops out of the hearth, you can act quickly to stop the spark from spreading into a full-blown house fire. However, if you leave the fire unattended, these sparks or embers could start a house fire before you have time to stop it.

Don’t Place Flammable Items Near Heat

Flammable or combustible products should never be next to a heating source. The heat could cause the flammable product to combust. Some examples of these products include aerosol cans, alcohol-based products, and cooking oil. Keep these items in a controlled environment away from heat.

Change Filters and Clean Vents Regularly

Leaving your dryer vents and filters to accumulate dust and debris could be dangerous for your home. Lint from your dryer is highly flammable and could instantly start a house fire. One of the reasons to invest in regular home maintenance services is to ensure these areas of your home are clean and free from the risk of starting a fire.

Update Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

You should change the batteries in your smoke alarm once every year. You never want the smoke alarm to be dead if a fire occurs because that is the primary warning to signal your family. If you hear a chirping sound from the smoke alarm, the batteries are dead, and you should exchange them immediately. Make this routine; for example, add placing new batteries in your smoke alarm to your spring cleaning list!

Use Space Heaters Properly

Space heaters can be culprits of house fires if you’re not careful with how you use them. Space heaters need room to heat your home, and placing objects like paper, blankets, or clothes near the heater could cause a fire. The heater must be on a level, hard surface and at least three feet away from flammable objects.

On a side note, never use a power strip to plug in this appliance. The extension cord will not have a high-enough current to support the needs of the space heater, which will cause it to overheat and start a fire. Only use the wall outlet for this type of appliance.

Preventing the risk of fires inside your home is essential because plenty of factors and appliances could instigate one. Ensure you’re taking the steps above to help avoid this disaster from occurring.

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