How To Attract Abundance Into Your Life


Would you like to know how to attract abundance? One of the most common questions people have when they start studying the law of attraction is how to attract abundance into their lives.

Attracting abundance is often one of the most difficult goals, because money holds such strong emotional weight in our lives.

Feeling stress about attracting money only creates more barriers to receiving it. The more you feel you desperately need more money, the less you will attract it.

Instead, if you are cheerful and easygoing about money (and everything else that you want to attract into your life for that matter), you will attract it much more easily.

Know that it is on its way. Do not think in terms of lack, but instead know that the universe is in the process of delivering to you. Instead of focusing on how to attract abundance, feel and think as someone who already has all of the abundance they would ever desire.

Maintain thoughts, feelings and actions like your goal has already come to fruition, and the universe will make it happen. There is only the present, and whatever signals you are sending to the universe right now is what you are creating in your life.

It is important to visualize your abundance. Be as specific as you can in your visualizations. Create detailed pictures in your mind. Hear the sounds, smell the scents, feel the textures. A clear picture of what you want to manifest, coupled with strong positive emotions, is vital in creative visualization.

A fun activity to help you visualize an overflowing bank account is to modify your bank statements. Take a pen and add a few more commas and zeros to your current balance. Place this new statement on a wall or in a place where you can look at it every day.

You can also write a check for a specific amount you want to earn. For example, you may want to earn $150,000.00 this year. Write a check to yourself for $150,000.00 and focus on this being real.

Another great idea, which I have done myself, is post or tack a faux $1,000,000.00 bill (one million dollar bill) to a bulletin board, wall or on your fridge – anywhere you often look.

I have my million dollar bill pinned to my bulletin board right next to my computer. It looks like real U.S. currency, and I visualize it as real. I see it every day as I sit working on my computer, and know that I am drawing abundance into my life.

Don’t concern yourself with how your money will come to you. Don’t concentrate on inheriting a large sum of money or finding a pot of gold, but instead, allow the universe to dictate how it will come. Be open and aware of opportunities to receive prosperity and act on them if you see the opportunity, but otherwise, release and know that it is in the process of coming to you.

The more that you attempt to control how your abundance will come to you, the more blocks to it you create. Also be sure that you let go of thinking about when abundance will come to you. You may want to set a deadline, but the universe has its own timing and wisdom. Allow yourself to trust and release, and you will open a doorway for immense blessings to flow into your life.

Using affirmations also works extremely well with the law of attraction, as they keep your thoughts focused on what you want. Try stating an affirmation such as, “abundance flows to me” before you sleep every night (for more examples of abundance affirmations, see my Affirmations for Abundance page).

Repetition is key with affirmations, and your positive words and feelings will cause your subconscious mind to be convinced it is reality. You will release any resistance to it, and you will attract and create the abundance that you desire.