How to Attract More Money (using the law of attraction)

We live in a materialistic age where money is one of the most desired things for most of the people that live in a civilized country. This is quite OK and in fact, there is nothing negative about it. Money is not just a piece of paper. Money is energy and to attract money, you have to understand and follow certain laws and practices which are physical as well as spiritual.

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

These laws and practices are:

  1. You must have a positive attitude towards money.
  2. Be clear as to how much money you need and how frequently. Therefore set a clear goal.
  3. Believe that the money is coming to you. Believe that you deserve the money.
  4. Have faith in the concept of abundance in the universe.
  5. Overall your thoughts should be positive and your mind should vibrate at a higher frequency. For example, love yourself, take an interest in your work/profession; appreciate (rather than criticize other successful people).
  6. Take concrete steps to remove negativity about money from your life.
  7. Resolve to help others with the surplus money you have and will have.
  8. Spend wisely, invest, and use your money to make yourself and also others related to you happy and comfortable.
  9. Purify your thoughts about all matters and not only money. Focus on positive thoughts and do away with negative thoughts.

10. Make your expectations about receiving money as doubt free as possible. Have faith that you will receive the money. Just like you when you sit down in a chair. You do not doubt that the chair is going to hold you up. You assume that the chair will support your weight. You do not doubt that the money is coming into your possession.

11. Develop an attitude of gratitude for what the Universe has already given to you. See: Gratitude Affirmations

12. Money is an exchange of energy. Therefore, you must undertake some work of producing goods or services for society. In exchange for what you “sell” to society, you will be paid for your energy. The more your product or service is unique or valuable the higher shall be the rewards (receipt of money). Therefore, do your duties honestly, take action, and continue to work in the field in which you have acquired skills or are upgrading skills or acquiring new skills.

13. Do affirmations sincerely for financial abundance as given on this website.

14. Visualize yourself already having that money and receiving it regularly. Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals.

15. Practice sharing/giving for charity. In Christianity, it is called tithing—giving at least 10% of your income to noble causes. Not only Christianity, but other religions also advocate this and it is called by different names. If you do not want to be religion specific, even then you must donate to a good cause and if 10% is not possible initially then you may begin with a smaller amount. Suppose you have no money at all then you may offer your services also – free of cost. This will increase your faith and also purify your thoughts, in return, raising your mental vibrations to a much higher level.

16. Avoid the company of people with negative or depressing thoughts about money.

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Money is a form of energy. Let the Law of Attraction Work for you.

The universe is full of abundance and the moment you clear your mind, the flow of money, wealth, and prosperity will start.

Your thoughts are now magnetized and you have put to use the Law of Attraction.